Founded by Haidy Mahrous a little over a year ago, Nuttiest Butters offers healthier nut butter alternatives. Mahrous initially made a 4 figure investment and is now proudly running a profitable business, as her nut butters have found an appreciative market.

The Healthier Choice

Last Ramadan, Mahrous made the decision to cut out all refined sugar from her diet to improve her overall immunity and health. After reading the label of a supermarket brand peanut butter one night, she discovered that it was full of sugar, prompting this idea. Her first attempt was almond butter, which proved successful.

So, she then started introducing more nuts, such as walnuts, cashews, peanuts, and hazelnuts and began making different batches. She focused solely on making them as healthy and organic as possible excluding all preservatives, oils, sugars, etc.

Her ingredients are all-natural, which include coconut milk, honey, cinnamon, and unsweetened cocoa for other chocolate butters too. 

Even More Nuts

Nuttiest Butters is available order by order, which means the products are freshly made upon request, packaged to the right size, and delivered right to customers.

The brand has gone a level above and beyond by diversifying and introducing walnut butter and hazelnut butter into the market, which is relatively unique. Mahrous also offers her very own new mix called, Nocciolata. This is her signature butter and the one she is most proud of, as it is a healthier alternative to Nutella.

More to Come

Customers can order any of the delicious butters through directly messaging Nuttiest butters on Instagram. Mahrous is now looking to start her own E-website to offer customers multiple ways to buy her products.

Nuttiest Butters has a bright future ahead of it and hopes to be featured in several supermarkets and hypermarkets. The main objective with this startup was always to promote a healthier lifestyle by learning to consciously make healthier diet choices.

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