Fairmont Nile City hosted a VIP event at its newest authentic addition, Gingko restaurant on the 4th of November 2021, with a party attended by a group of elite celebrities, media representatives, food bloggers and lifestyle influencers.

Gingko, a wild plant of Asian origin that existed for hundreds of years, made its way from China across Asia and around the world to Fairmont Nile City.

Comprising a wild and gastronomic outdoor luxury space, Gingko restaurant boasts a modern twisted stylish seating, greenery ceilings and live DJ tunes.

With a unique blend of Asian and International ingredients under one roof assorted by a various selection of dishes, including octopus and beef carpaccio, tuna and salmon tataki, volcano shrimps and Saffron sea scallops, with lighting up your taste buds with a dynamic cocktail menu and international desserts for a delectable adventure.

The team behind Fairmont Nile City’s Gingko is enthusiastic to make sure that everyone enjoys their exotic culinary journey.

Go Wild for a While!