By: Mariam Elhamy

Interior designers have agreed on a few things that are unnecessary and make your house a bit less comfy. Turn your place around with just a few tips and make it feel more like home!

Don’t Leave Accessories Lying Around the House

Don’t leave your shoes, coats, jackets, bags or scarfs lying around anywhere in the house. Keep them all tidy in one place to remove the clutter.

Replace Oversized Furniture with Smaller Pieces

Big heavy furniture can overcrowd any space, replace those with smaller pieces that are really all you need.

Remove Any Fake Flowers or Plastic Plants

Plants are supposed to purify the air and increase the oxygen, plastic flowers and plants do the opposite. They collect dust and look tacky, so please get rid of them or replace them with actual plants.

Enough Decorative Pillows!

Using too many decorative pillows can make your living room or bedroom seem cluttered and mess up your whole design. Anyone can really go overboard with these but you have to find the perfect amount for your furniture.

Take Out Old Magazines and Newspapers

You think your magazine holder clears out the mess? Think again! Having too many old magazines or newspapers just adds clutter no matter how well they are organized. just get rid of those or send them to a recycling service. Check out recycling services in Egypt

Souvenirs, Souvenirs and More Souvenirs!

Souvenirs are great and they bring back awesome memories, but not so much when you choose to display them all. Pick out a few of your favorites (Bonus: keep the ones that have awesome stories that you could tell your guests) and stash away the rest.