Egyptian DJ’s

The music scene in Egypt is absolutely booming right now and across all genres too. Maybe this is one of the upsides of the two years of the pandemic that has given musicians the time to experiment and practice their craft. Nurturing a natural gift can take you to new heights, and these 9 Egyptian DJs are proof of that. Egyptian DJ’s 

Get to know these 9 musicians that are guaranteed to make you dance, and you can easily catch them live at one of the many gigs happening around the country all year long.

By: Aliaa ElSherbini


Misty just released a new EP last November, proving he is not here to joke around, but to make well-thought-out and mastered music.

Misty shows us the fresher side of House and delves into funky beats, base grooves, and echo hypnotic vocals. A party where Misty is playing is one where you won’t stop dancing.

Aguizi and Fahim

Egyptian DJ’s The musical duo Youssef El Aguizi and Yehia Fahim have been on the scene for years. Ten years to be exact since they were teenage boys. They started to make a name for themselves when Egyptian Trance kings Aly & Fila were the hottest things on the radio.

Years later, Aguizi & Fahim are still sweeping the scene, maybe on a more down-low way as a duo, but Aguizi has proven he can play solo too. It is always a fun time to see them play. Egyptian DJ’s 


Bohemian flower child on the outside, with tunes, that bang on the outside, Sebzz, real name Ahmed El Sebai, plays a mix of genres like deep techno, nu-disco, and dance music. He rapidly made a name for himself and gained status by playing in Cairo’s hottest clubs.


Kidmims as an alter music ego and Maie for short. This DJ switches music genres as fast as she would switch lanes, we would imagine. Depending on which of her alter egos are playing, the music changes from upbeat and crowd cheerful to deep dark tech.

And we love her across all sounds because she plays them all with soul and intensity. Not as a job now, although we know it is always nice to get paid. But as a lucrative passion.

Aly Goede

Egyptian DJ’s Party people know what is up. Aly Goede is a favorite among many because he knows how to read the crowd. And he plays accordingly. His minimal house tunes and funky undertones always hype up any room that he is in. Aly Goede keeps a low profile from media and lets his music make the buzz. Egyptian DJ’s 


If you haven’t had a chance to see them fire things up at El Gouna Film Festival parties or El Gouna WaterSports event, you are missing out. The duo Ali Ahmed and Amr El Banna have plastered their names as two of the entertaining DJs in the scene right now, and they are in high demand for it.

Contrary to some of the other musicians on the list, they don’t go as dark, but they make the crowd dance just the same, in their own way, because they mix the commercial with the tech and groove.


Dina Akladios is the embodiment of fierceness. The moment she steps on the mixers, she turns into a savage of Deep House, where she is focused and jamming to the sound of her beats. She is Cairo-based but has played sets in the Middle East and Berlin, from rooftops to underground sessions. Egyptian DJ’s 


Dou has become a staple in every event in Egypt this past year, as he has proven to be consistently upbeat with his commercial and fun tunes. He knows what the market needs, so he headlines all sorts of lifestyle and sports events to play pop music and its dance cousins.

Egyptian DJ’s 

The people who know Dou and have seen him play before his rise to popularity have seen his capabilities to also play House and Tech. If you were at any of his birthday bashes, then you know what we are talking about. Egyptian DJ’s 

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