daily shampooing

There are so many factors why shampooing your hair every day should not be an option. Whether your hair is thin, fine, curly or thick, over-washing your hair can cause a lot of damage that you might not be aware of. daily shampooing

We have done our research and are bringing you some hard facts.

Picking the Correct Shampoo

We all have different hair types, therefore, picking the appropriate shampoo for your hair makes a huge difference in how your hair looks and feels. Shampoo often contains chemicals called surfactants that help in the cleaning process by removing debris from the surface of the scalp and hair.

daily shampooingA big exclamation mark in the ingredients is sulfate, which produces a rich lather to clean the scalp thoroughly and eliminate excess oil. However, in the long run, it does the complete opposite. daily shampooing

Over Shampooing Leads to Hair Fall

It is not just the fact that you are washing your hair, it may be that the shampoo you are using is incorrect for your hair type. If you have fine or thin hair, you might want to consider ingredients that use fewer oils, such as coconut oil, argan oil, or any type of oil that provides moisture to the hair.

People with dry scalps and hair often need less washing to preserve the scalp’s natural oil. Over shampooing can lead to extreme hair fall, even if you are using the correct shampoo for your hair type.

How Often Is Too Often?

If you are going to wash your hair every day, stick to a mild, natural shampoo. Washing your hair every day is harmful to your scalp, as you are stripping the natural oils of your hair that the scalp needs. daily shampooing

Fine and Thin Hair

daily shampooingThe struggle is real when it comes to this type of hair. Depending on the scalp of the person, hair that is fine and thin tends to regulate an excessive amount of oil which makes it oily and greasy the next day. A way to help is to avoid handling and playing with your hair. Tying your hair up makes a contribution!

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