By: Aliaa Elsheribini

Crimson Shore in Telal reopens for a second year with a new and improved look for dining with an upscale twist. Right by the beach, the restaurant bar has a grey and beige aesthetic that blends with the blue waves and yellow sand.

Signature Dishes 

Apart from specializing in choosing gorgeous locations with stunning views, Crimson is known for their Fettuccini All’Aragosta, which is lobster pasta. They are also known for their Lava Stone dishes with its multiple choices of protein, and their Pineapple Crème Brûlée to finish off the meal.

Dishes Sampled

We started our lunch with a refreshing seafood salad that was rich in octopus, shrimp, salmon, avocadoes, and greens topped with a light vinaigrette. It was a perfect appetizer that paved the way for their shellfish roles accompanied by a pink sauce. While the sauce might have been a little thicker for our preference, the pastry of the rolls was delicate and crunchy with a generous filling of seasoned crab and lobster mixed with vegetables and really didn’t require any sauce, the dish stands on its own.

We then dug into our main dishes that consisted of the Fillet Lava Stone and their signature Lobster Fettuccini. The fillets came on a sizzling hot stone as the pieces cooked slowly in front of us, it was a meal and a show. The garniture was veggie skewers and sweet potato fries, and for all fries lovers out there, you have to try Crimson’s crispy fries, as they were finger-licking good. Then we devoted our palates to the creamy pasta that was cooked al dente and full of tender lobster chunks bathed in a rich pink sauce.

Other Menu Items that Appealed

You scan the menu on your phone, as no paper versions are available, to find a variety of appetizing dishes including hot and cold appetizers, salads, kinds of pasta, and an extensive grill section with all kinds of seafood and meat. For next time we’ll make room for their famous Pineapple Crème Brûlée.

Décor & Ambience

Right by the beach, the restaurant bar has a fresh new look that fits the surroundings to a “t”. The mood is predominantly chill as the music in the background is soft lounge music that fits the view and this year’s breezy weather that just hypnotizes you. You will come out of Crimson Shore relaxed, food full, and happy.

Contact information:

Opening hours: 12 pm – 12 am
Address: Telal, El Alamein
Tel: 0120 699 9923