Father’s Day is a relatively new celebration in Egypt. It is a day dedicated to our fathers and the things that they do for us. Here is a list of ideas on how to celebrate your father on his day.

By Yasmina Kalaaoui

Make Him Breakfast in Bed

father's dayWhat better way to kickstart Father’s Day than with breakfast in bed? It can something simple like cereal or fancy like eggs or pancakes. It is truly the thought that counts.

Create Home Movies or a Photo Slideshow for Dad

This is a fun activity that everyone can join in. A video dedicated to celebrating and thanking your dad for all he has done. It could be in the form of a home movie, where loved ones share their favorite memories, photos, and videos from over the years. A slideshow with some music would also do the trick.

Host a Brunch

Hosting a brunch with family, friends, and dad’s favorite food is another great way to start the day. Whether at a restaurant or at home, the late start gives him a chance to sleep in. It is a fun way to bring people together, especially with the nice sunny weather of June.

Give Him A Spa Day

With a heavy work schedule, dads often do not have time for pampering themselves. Take this opportunity to book him an appointment at the barber for a haircut and beard maintenance. A spa day is also always a good option. You can’t go wrong with massages, facials, and some time in a sauna.

Take Him to Golf or Bowling

If you need any ideas of what to do during the day, bowling and golf are great options. A friendly but competitive way to release some energy and have fun with the family.

Host A Soccer Game

It is no secret that men enjoy soccer. Hosting a neighborhood soccer game or a family one with every member participating would be a fun way to celebrate the day. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water to keep everyone hydrated!

Host an Outdoor Barbecue

In the warm sunny weather in June, an outdoor barbecue sounds like a superb idea. With an array of meat, burgers, chicken, and sausages, the ideas are endless. Take out the grill and fire up some food in the garden.

Let Him Watch the Game with the Guys

After a fun day with dad, give him the opportunity to spend the night with his friends. Watching a sports game with snacks, chips, and dips is sure to appease him.

Have a Game Night

father's dayPick all of his favorite games and set them up. It could be card games, board games, charades or even video games. A father always appreciates some fun surrounded by family, laughter, and some friendly competition.

Play a Movie Marathon Night

Family movie nights are always the best way to end the day. Filled with popcorn, snacks, laughter, and spending quality time as a family. Movie marathons are always a great option.

Get Him a Special Gift

Father’s Day would not be complete unless you get him a special gift. We know it is sometimes hard to find gift ideas. To make things easier, here is a list of things to get for your dad on his special day.

  • Portable espresso machine
  • One of Cilantro’s Coffee Kits
  • A grooming kit with new razors and beard care
  • A new pair of shoes
  • New speakers
  • A new grill
  • A wallet
  • A handmade card

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