Relationships can sometimes be like chewing gum. As weird as that sounds, it’s actually true if you really think about it because the best relationships are the ones that last the longest while maintaining that good flavor.

Other times, relationships can just keep going on and on for the wrong reasons and eventually cause some serious damage to one or both people. To prevent this from happening, people should apply these 5 simple yet effective pointers in order to keep things sweet.

By Ahmed Talal

1. First and foremost, honesty in relationships is the golden rule.

At times, people neglect expressing how they are feeling just so they can avoid having a tough conversation. This serves nobody in the relationship because people end up suppressing their feelings and that can manifest later on in the relationship in an ugly way.

In other words, bottling up emotion and not letting a partner know how you feel will probably lead to the end of that relationship. So, be sure to honestly discuss exactly what both of you expect from each other. The goal here is to compromise, not sacrifice, which should cater to both of your needs.

2. Open communication goes hand-in-hand with honesty.

Put everything out in the open and make things clear and transparent. No-one in a relationship should rely on their significant other to guess what is happening or how the other person is feeling. Relationships are not a game of charades, everything should be crystal clear and addressed so that nobody feels like they are being mistreated.

Nobody likes discussing boundaries and rules but they are essential to the contentment of both individuals. Open communication in all situations is vital to having a healthy relationship that stands the test of time.

3. Accepting one another’s flaws is paramount to building a healthy relationship that lasts.

All people were not created equal. Loving and accepting someone regardless of their flaws is a very powerful thing and people should learn to do that more. Having a healthy relationship requires both an individual and collective effort for self-betterment.

Meaning, each partner should try to help improve them rather than expect change without offering any help. This does not mean settle for less, both partners should make a conscious effort to always work on and improve themselves.

4. Appreciate the small things because they matter.

Noticing a partner’s effort to look better or their self-progress will always be one of the most loving acts a partner can make. Taking note of those small details actually make the biggest difference in the other partner’s confidence because they feel appreciated.

Those are some of the things that people tend to do early on in relationships probably because they are still in the “honeymoon” stage. However, exceptional relationships only get stronger with time because both individuals are still making an effort to better themselves and each other and are both still appreciating those minor changes.

5. Finally, make the relationship a priority.

Sounds simple enough, however life will get in the way of that more times than you can ever expect. So, be sure to make quality time for one another regardless of how long the relationship has been going on for.

The secret is to continue doing the things that both individuals were doing when the relationship first started. No matter how hectic life gets, the relationship is the one thing that should not take a toll because relationships are meant to bring people together to enjoy each other’s company and make that last for life.

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