You might wonder why on earth someone would go eat cereal in a café, but there is more than meets the eye with this venue. As a customer, you get to pick and choose from dozens of types of sugary and healthy cereals, along with an astounding 50+ toppings. We visited on a Friday for brunch and had a go getting creative with the combinations at this place aiming to be one of the best dessert places in Maadi.

Type of cuisine: Not quite a “cuisine” unless you’re under the age of 12, but this venue has every international brand of cereal available and allows you to customize your bowl! It is lots of fun. They also have their own signature combinations.

Signature dishes: Rice Quake, Flake This Brownie, Banana Island, Cinnamon Disorder

Dishes sampled and ingredients: We began our breakfast with the Cinnamon Disorder, a set combination consisting of cinnamon flake cereal, honey flavored milk, cinnamon powder, walnuts and apples. The crunchy green apple slices added a nice sour balance and bite to the sugary cereal, and they added a generous helping of chopped walnuts, which makes you feel a little healthier while munching. Portion size was filling, and that was only the regular size not the large! Each cereal bowl is presented on wooden boards with cute milk jugs. It makes you feel grown-up while you’re tucking into what is essentially, a child’s breakfast. Next, we customized a bowl ourselves – we choose Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal (a childhood favorite!) with some Choco Caramel flakes, milk, honey, raisins, and banana slices. It was heavenly – very sugary, but exactly the kind of treat needed when you want to spoil yourself. We also tried the Cheer Up bowl which normally features Fruit Loops cereal, strawberry milk, mini marshmallows, and strawberry sauce – we got to substitute the Fruit Loops for Trix, another childhood favorite, making this a very giddy, nostalgia-filled dining experience!

We couldn’t leave without sampling Cereal & Flakes signature Famous Ice Flakes, which are set menu combinations of cereal bowls with a scoop of ice cream on top. The ice cream melts and combines with the cereal into a delicious unconventional treat for the taste buds. We sampled the Rice Quake, a combination of Rice Krispies cereal, vanilla ice cream, Oreo, Kitkat, and caramel sauce. Needless to say, it was a sugar-packed explosion for the senses, a quake in every sense. After all that sugar, we felt the need to be sensible and order a “healthy” combination bowl of our choosing, so we capped off breakfast with a customized order of All Bran Flakes, honey, kiwi slices, apple slices, and regular milk. It was a sad attempt to trick our body into eating something relatively nutritious after consuming 1,000+ calories, but it’s good to know the option to be healthy is there!

Other menu options that appealed: Banana Island, it has Frosties, banana milk, Nutella and banana slices. Honey Bunny looks yummy as well with Honey Cheerios, banana slices and vanilla ice cream.

Beverage options: Lots of hot and cold beverages on offer – full range of flavored coffees and teas, iced coffees and frappes, soft drinks, smoothies, and fresh juices.

Décor: Light and bright atmosphere with wooden tables and colorful chairs, they also added a creative touch of having framed cereal art on the walls!

Ambience: Youthful vibe, with loud contemporary music on the stereo system. The ambience matches the menu in terms of a sugar rush.

Clientele mix: Young crowd and expats looking for a taste of home in terms of the menu offerings.

Price range: Inexpensive, considering the imported cereal and the location in Maadi.

Opening hours: 6 am to midnight from Sunday to Wednesday

6 am to 2 am on Thursday

8 am to 2 am on Friday

8 am to midnight on Saturday

Address: 12 Rd 233, Degla, Maadi

Tel: 02 252 00527

Facebook & Instagram: cerealandflakes