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ramadan catering and desserts

Ramadan Catering and Desserts Full Guide

We have to admit that Ramadan is truly all about food. To keep your table full with a variety of mouthwatering dishes and cuisines...
Ramadan gift guide

Fantastic Ideas for the Best Ramadan Gift

Ramadan is the month of coming together, sharing special moments and creating memories. What could express those feelings better than a thoughtfully selected gift,...

15 Ramadan Venues to Try this Year 2021

Ramadan is a special time when everyone gets together to share iftar and sohour and when that time of year comes around we like...
Ramadan evenings

4 Fun Ways to Spend Your Ramadan Evenings

Ramadan is the time of the year where friends and families gather for the festive vibes of iftar, sohour, and everything in between. If...
Mother's Day Gift

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Because mommies deserve the best of the best we've gathered a few vendors where you can get creative with this year's mother's day gift...
valentine's day venues

13 Romantic Venues to Visit This Valentine’s Day

Feeling stuck in a routine? Break the cycle and plan a quick romantic getaway right in the city at one of these beautiful venues...

13 Florists for Valentine’s Day

Unique occasions deserve unique gifts and making someone happy can have a huge effect on your day. Buy some flowers from your nearest vendor...

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her and For Him

Just because we can't go out like we used to doesn't mean we can't make this Valentine's just as special as every year. Here...
christmas gifts ideas

Your Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Let it be a memorable Christmas for the special people in your life. Any gift, modest or extravagant, delivers the message that you care. For...