hot chocolate recipes

You’ll Be Falling For These 6 Hot Chocolate Recipes With A Twist

Winter season calls for warm beverages and when you're craving sweet hot chocolate keep in mind these 6 recipes that will take your hot...

Going Nuts for Nuttiest Butters

Founded by Haidy Mahrous a little over a year ago, Nuttiest Butters offers healthier nut butter alternatives. Mahrous initially made a 4 figure investment...

Deluca: A Touch of the Mediterranean at Tara Compound Clubhouse

Set in a fresh ambiance with an abundance of greenery, Deluca offers a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Tucked...
Oven-Baked Cheesecake

Classic Oven-Baked Cheesecake Recipe by Crave

Plain, lathered in sauce or blended with nuts - this classic creamy dessert with it crumbly crust remains an all-time favorite. Oven-Baked Cheesecake Cheesecakes around...
Thanksgiving Dishes

8 Easy Thanksgiving Dishes You Will Be Thankful To Know

Not celebrating thanksgiving doesn't mean you can't enjoy its famous food still. Cook these thanksgiving side dishes at home and make a special meal...
vegetarian recipes

Lunch Goes Vegetarian-Friendly With These Tasty Recipes

Embrace your vegetarian side and give these three easy and healthy recipes by EAT-ducate, we promise you will be wiping the plate clean! vegetarian...
Beef Bacon Burger

An Easy Beef Bacon Burger Sandwich Recipe by Crave

Being able to cook is a fundamental skill that everyone should have at least a basic grasp of. Learning to cook allows you to perform...
Caterer Bee

Caterer Bee: Something is Buzzing at Dandy Mega Mall

Even the most dedicated shopaholics need to take a break and replenish their energy, so next time we hit Dandy Mega Mall, we have...

Nişantaşi: Turkish Cuisine at Its Best in Cairo

It’s always fun to try out different cuisines around Cairo but our latest visit to Nişantaşi was so exceptional that we just had to...