• Marseilia projects changed the map of the north coast and Marseilia Land El Alamein in the heart of the expansion of the new city of El Alamein.
• The choice of “Cascadia” Location in Sidi Abdel Rahman came after careful studies to create added value for the entire North Coast region.

Marseilia Group has initiated 20 years ago in the Egyptian real estate market to develop everything that is unique and new, perhaps the most recent project Marseilia Beach 4 in the golden square of Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay on an area of 140 acres, which Marseilia is celebrating the delivery of the second phase of it now that the third and final stage is delivered in the year Next.

For more than 10 years, Marseilia had an insight and a pioneering vision in the development of Marseilia Land El-Alamein Resort, at Kilo 107, Alexandria-Matrouh road, to the north coast, which is now witnessing being in the heart of the touristic expansions of the new city of El-Alamein, one of the fourth-generation cities, one of the largest tourist movement witnessed in the region in front of the Marina and the new El Alamein Towers.

It is worth to mention that the group has developed its first touristic resorts on the tribal side of the north coast, so Marseilia resorts 1 and 2 had contributed to the group since then changing the map of the north coast and contributing to placing it on the global tourism map. Marseilia had the experiment once more by launching Cascadia – Sidi Abdel Rahman its latest project in north coast at kilo 134.5 Alexandria-Matrouh road.

The project is in the heart of Sidi Abdel Rahman, on an area of 40 acres, with an investment value estimated at 5 billion pounds. The project is characterized by a diversity of areas between 70 and 150 meters to suit all the needs and purchasing capabilities of customers as it is the least in the structural proportions in the entire North Coast projects as the units are on an area not It exceeds only 14% … and will contain the largest aqua park on the North Coast.

Sherif Heliw – Marseilia Group Chairman – stated that “Cascadia” project is an addition to Marseilia real estate portfolio that extends throughout Egypt over 20 years in the Egyptian market, as Marseilia insisted in that project on uniqueness and excellence in providing all that is new for Its customers.

“We have done many financial, market and investment studies to provide unique and distinct services for the benefit of customers that add value to the group’s projects and ensure the Continuity of life in the village throughout the year.”

The design of the project is unique and very distinctive in a way that simulate the Italian style. The residential units are on a group of floating islands surrounded by the largest lagoons and crystal lakes from all sides so it had been called creative island and Inspired by the project design and services it was crystallized in the image of “ the woman of the waterfall “ which combines elements of pure nature and beauty of design. The project will also include a touristic hotel, a Kids Zone , an entertainment island, an outdoor gym and a playground area for different sports.

The project will also include the first medical resort affiliated to the international “ELAJ” group in the north coast, whose branches are spread in eleven countries around the world, to serve the entire Alamein region.

“Heliw” added: We are held in continuous workshops with the stakeholders of ” ELAJ ” Group to put the finishing touches in reviewing the designs and graphics for the Medical Resort and it will be arranged soon for a big celebration on the occasion of the joining of a large health system such as ” ELAJ ” Group in Egypt for one of the group’s projects, and it is being prepared To sign contracts for the implementation of the largest water lagoons in the north coast with Crystal Lagoons International company in Cascadia project.

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