Bosporus in Cairo Festival City

Newly opened in New Cairo’s Cairo Festival City Mall, Bosporus offers an intimate indoor seating area and a massive outdoor space to enjoy people-watching, delicious food and an after meal shisha experience if you wish. We visited for a quiet weekday lunch to see what this new restaurant had to offer. Check out more photos of cuisine and the venue at the end of our review!

Type of cuisine:  Authentic Turkish Cuisine.

Mantra: #LetsMeat at Cairo Festival City is an easy mantra that brings food and friends together.

Signatures Dishes & Dishes Sampled

The authentic menu makes choosing signature dishes a breeze. The Bosporus Signature Salad, Mixed Mezze Platter, Mixed Grill, Pilav Ustu Kuzu Kafas,  Bosporus Kasap Kofte, and Bosporus Buffalo Baklava will all make you want to visit Turkey.

 For starters, the Ezo Gelin Soup came steaming hot with just the right amount of broth to make it hearty but not too filling. The Mixed Appetizer Platter came next, served on a supersized crescent moon shaped serving tray with a delicious mix of cold mezze. The Olive Salad was pickled to perfection and the muhammara, hummus, babaganoush, moutabel were all the best possible version of themselves. It is worth noting the serving size was big enough to feed a small army of people. The classic Turkish puff bread that accompanied the mezze was made in-house and absolutely fantastic, but dangerous because it is easy to fill up on. If you want to spoil yourself with a hot mezze, the Içli Köfte was decadent and a nice offset to the cold mezze.

For our main dishes, we chose the Chicken Doner with Fries and Chicken Adana Kebab. Both dishes were spiced to perfection and came in portions large enough to share. The kebab came with sides on a beautiful wood platter and felt very ‘Istanbul-chic’. While there was hardly any room to breathe, dessert could not be passed up. The Classic Baklava and Sarma Baklava were flanked with Turkish coffee and Turkish tea to end a beautiful authentic meal.

 Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverage Available

The menu is so incredibly large and as it was Eid there was no lamb available, but this would have been the showstopper. Due to the size of the menu, there were many other mouthwatering items that appealed like the Jumbo Karides and Salmon Steak.

 Many non-alcoholic drink options are available, including fresh fruit juice, soft drinks, flat and sparkling water options, smoothies, milkshakes, mocktails, and Turkish teas and coffees.

 Décor & Ambience

The decor is simple and elegant giving the restaurant a European feel without the pomp and circumstance. Each table is made of simple wood but flanked with funky colored chairs and cushions. The decoration is minimalist with pops of color, accent walls, and scattered plants tying the downtown Istanbul theme together.

 The mood at Bosporus is relaxed with an authentic Turkish vibe. The decor and location give it a welcoming feel that is upscale but not intimidating. The indoor and outdoor seating areas also accommodate a wide range of guests from families to those on romantic dates.

 Clientele mix:  The clientele consisted of mainly well to do foodies looking for something more than a burger and fries at the mall.

 Price range:  The menu is large with items for everyone’s budget. For the portion size and quality of food, the prices at Bosporus are very affordable.

 Hot Tip:  Order a few dishes to share, this way you get more bang for your buck! Shisha on the patio! Bosporus faces the fountains in the CFC Village and the combination of delicious shisha and water show makes you feel like you’re on vacation.

Contact Information

Address: The Village – Cairo Festival City Mall

Tel: 0103 334 9328

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