Bizarre Food Items

A lot of food chains can get really creative when it comes to deciding what to put on their menus. It’s either hot or cold, a hit or miss. Mostly bizarre food items that you’ve probably never heard about.

While some items in Egypt might not be available elsewhere, we decided to pick out some of the most innovative and popular menu items that Egypt is missing out on.

By Karen Emad

1. McSpaghetti (McDonald’s Philippines)

The Philippines are taking McDonald’s to a whole other level. It’s not just a selection of some sandwiches. Now you can have classic spaghetti with red sauce there as well.

2. Teriyaki Twister (KFC Japan)

While we’re used to eating chicken teriyaki with a side of rice, Japan’s KFC decided to give the dish a new “twist”. People of Japan get to enjoy a burrito-like version of chicken teriyaki. Bizarre Food Items

3. Skagenrora Sub (Subway Sweden)

To all the sea-food lovers, pack your bags and head to Sweden! This sub consists of crab and shrimp salad together. It’s like a fancy sushi sandwich.

4. Boba Tapioca Pizza (Domino’s Japan and Taiwan)

Bizarre Food ItemsWe’ve heard of chicken and waffles before. But, combining Boba and Mozzarella is taking sweet and sour to a whole other dimension. And it’s drizzled with Maple Syrup on top? We don’t know about you, but we’d pass on having a slice of this. Bizarre Food Items

5. Pink Drink (Starbucks)

Bizarre Food ItemsStarbucks Egypt needs to step up its game and put this on the menu already. It’s the perfect summer drink to feel refreshed and energized without any caffeine.

6. McRib and Waffle fries (McDonald’s Germany)

Who doesn’t love McDonald’s fries? Everyone can agree that they’re superior. Imagine eating their waffle fries. Germany has got that covered already. When one is not in the mood for a burger, ribs happen to be on their menu as well.

7. Hawaiian Chicken Barbecue Pizza (Papa John’s USA)

Bizarre Food ItemsWe had to end the list with a controversial food item. The debate of whether pineapple should be on pizza is still ongoing and doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. Bizarre Food Items