Sometimes life draws us along paths far from our birthplace, yet ultimately we come to understand that ‘home’ is actually where the heart is.

Chef, TV personality and man of many accomplishments, Andrew Mitchell seems to have discovered this, and shares some insight into what it is to be a chef, and more.

Andrew, tell us about your journey as a chef.

It started as a hobby, and after high school, with the encouragement of my parents; I decided to study culinary arts. After working in Australia and honing my skills I came to Egypt 15 years ago.

What first attracted you to the F&B industry?

It felt natural. Making others happy through food always fascinated me. Plus, I love eating as much as cooking. I always saw the industry as one that has its classics that never change, while at the same time pushing the limits and constantly creating new concepts.

Why Egypt?

My parents come from Egypt and I’ve been visiting since I was a kid. I also went to school here for a year in the 90’s.

On another note, how has Covid-19 affected the industry?

I think it’s completely changed the way we dine and how food is served. Most restaurants are adjusting their business models to survive. To be honest we don’t even know what the end game is or when.

Once Covid is under control we might see all sorts of new regulations and laws. Not to mention the changes in consumer behavior.

What are the positives we can take away from the situation?

Everyone is taking care by disinfecting and washing their hands properly. Something we should have all been doing even before Covid.

What direction do you see the industry heading in?

I really can’t say. Everyone is in survival mode for the moment and whatever happens will depend on regulations, laws and what the client wants.

On a personal level, which cuisine do you most enjoy cooking?

If I’m cooking for others I enjoy making whatever they want to eat. For myself, I really enjoy cooking Greek cuisine. Either grilled items with fresh salads or oven-roasted lamb, done low and slow with root vegetables.

Your favorite comfort food?

Mac ‘n Cheese all the way!

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