From the creators of Izakaya, Mezcal & Gigi’s, Sanctum Hospitality brings the craft food movement to East Cairo with Binge Gastropub at Garden 8. From food to décor, Binge takes you down memory lane with refined comfort food while offering you an exquisite dining experience.

By Aliaa Elsherbini

Signature Dishes

Binge offers an elevated classic comfort food experience with signature dishes like Shrimp Tacos, Bocconcini Poutine, and a range of innovative palate-pleasers.Binge

The drinks are equally as supreme, with cloud coffees that give you the caffeine kick you need and gastronomic milkshakes to satisfy all cravings.

Dishes Sampled 

A sunny spring day calls for fruity cocktails that come in quirky Tiki cups. Food was served shortly after the drinks, with Bocconcini Poutine and Mushroom Gnocchi to warm up our taste buds.

We drizzled the gravy sauce over the mozzarella and fries of the Poutine, which added sweetness to the seasoned crispy fries and made for a munch-worthy appetizer. However, we were devoted to the hand-rolled Gnocchi in the shiitake mushroom and caramelized buttery jus.

The potato-based dough was soft on the inside with a golden crisp on the outside in an aromatic light buttery sauce, infused with mushroom flavors and topped with crumbled goat cheese, perfect for cutting through the sweetness of the onions.Binge

The signature Tempura Prawn Tacos came next in perfect luscious golden shape with freshly mashed guacamole on top and a small portion of slaw bedding the shrimp. We binged on the Caprese Flatbread that was topped with a generous amount of mozzarella, tomato sauce and sundried tomatoes.

We finished off the meal with a sultry Caramel Milkshake. Although you could drink it with a straw, it still felt like a decadent dessert. The whimsical shake was topped with a churro, waffles, rich whipped cream and salted caramel popcorn. Here is where Binge takes the guilty out of guilty pleasure and makes it just a pleasurable experience.

Other Menu Items that Appealed

Gastropubs stand out for their burgers, and from the looks of it, Binge’s burgers seem hearty and delicious. They are on our must-try list for next time, followed by the quesadillas and the fresh salads to cool us down during the hot weather ahead.

Décor & Ambiance

Binge perfectly nails cozy yet luxurious. It’s a space that combines moods as seamlessly as it combines flavors. You are welcomed at Binge with soft lights, baby palm trees, a spacious outdoor area, a comfortable indoor area, and colorful vibes.

The comfort food and drinks come in equally comfortable plates that are simple yet chic, with quirky pans for serving dishes. Their cocktail cups, surrounding lush green plants, and hanging light bulbs add a Tiki Hawaiian vibe to the dining experience.

The acoustic music echoing through the space elevates the ambiance to Sanctum Hospitality’s usual chic and soulful culinary standards.

Clientele mix: Perfect for a family lunch, a date, and a fun gathering of friends.

Contact information:

Opening hours: 2 pm-12 am

Address: Garden 8, New Cairo

Tel: +20122 220 5340

Instagram: @bingecairo

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