3 Best Lip Glosses to Look Out For Every Season!

3 Best Lip Glosses to Look Out For Every Season!

Best Lip Glosses

Like many other beauty trends, lip gloss has made its mark! The best lip glosses have upgraded their care and formula to keep you puckered and glossed all day long. We have scouted 3 local brands that are natural and affordable. Best Lip Glosses

Strawberry Lip Gloss- Gizmo

Best Lip GlossesThis brand is well known for its coffee scrubs and vanilla lip balms. It has created the perfect gloss to give you enough shine control and moisturizing formula to hydrate your lips all day. Best Lip Glosses

Cherry Lips Cosmetics- @cherrylipscosmetics (Found on Instagram)

Best Lip GlossesThis brand has a wide variety of different tones and shades. It has all the fundamentals of what a lip gloss should do. Hydrating, long-lasting, non-sticky, rich in vitamins, and 100 percent made with organic oils, which is a plus!

Lip Gloss Temptation in Stardust- Essentials

Best Lip GlossesOne of the most popular brands here in Egypt, Essentials is well known for its eye tints and skincare. Its lip gloss gives a glossy effect, providing nine kissable shades to keep you moisturized and glossy all through the day. This product enhances the color of your natural lip shade and works for all skin tones. Best Lip Glosses

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