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It’s finally traveling season and is so easy to get bored during a long car ride. Hopefully, with this awesome list of car games that is suitable for family and friends, it will no longer be an issue.

By Yasmina Kalaaoui

Solve a Five-Minute Mystery 

In this mystery challenge, you are the detective. This is a great game to play in a group or by yourself. Listen or read a five-minute mystery and try to solve it. It is very straightforward; you listen to a case that is about five minutes long and try to solve it individually or as a group.

You can find Five-Minute Mystery audios in the following links: 

20 Questions 

Battle boredom by playing 20 questions. Pick a celebrity and everyone must guess who that celebrity is by asking 20 questions or less. It does not have to be a celebrity, it can be a type of car, dog breed, or even a movie.

I Spy…

Play this nostalgic game when on a long drive or simply stuck in traffic. For those of you who don’t know how to play this game, a passenger will look out the window and spot an object.

That person then goes off stating, ‘I spy something……..’, giving the others a clue to what that object is, usually a physical description like its color. The rest must then guess what it is. It could be something like, ‘I spy an awesome list of car games!’

Car Bingo!

This one requires a bit of preparation. At the beginning of the trip, or even before it, everyone must fill out a blank bingo sheet with all the cars they expect to find on the road trip. The same rule of bingo applies, to win, you must cross out a consecutive row, which could be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Watch out for cheaters!

Sweet or Sour 

This is a fun game when there are a lot of cars on the road. Each person takes a turn to wave to passing cars. You get one point for ‘sweet’ if they wave back, but if they don’t then you get no points ‘sour’. Bonus points if they make a funny face in return.

Go on A Picnic 

This game requires concentration and a good memory. The game starts off with someone saying “I’m going on a picnic and I’m going to bring….” and then lists an item. The next person must begin with the phrase along with the item of the previous person and then list their own item.

As the list grows it becomes more difficult to remember all the items in the right order and the first person who makes a mistake loses. Or if playing elimination rounds, is out.

Band Battle 

This is the game for all music fanatics. Someone picks a music category; it could be something like ‘breakup songs ’or ‘90’s music’. Two players then have 1 minute to pick a song that they believe is the best in that category.

Each plays their selected song and then the allocated car judge picks the winner. Tally up the score and the player with the most points at the end of the trip is the winner.

Let’s Create a Story 

In this game, each player must take turns adding one word to create a story. By the end of the drive, you are sure to come up with one bizarre story to share.

The Hot Seat 

Each person in the car gets a turn on the ‘hot seat’. Once you are in the hot seat, you must answer five questions that the other passengers ask you. To be fair, each player has one veto card that can be used to get out of answering a question.

Caution: This could be a very dangerous or fun game depending on what kind of questions you ask.

“Did You Hear That…?”

In this game, you are trying to fool your opponent. Someone starts off by asking “Did you hear that _____ happened?”. The opponent can answer by either saying ‘That did not happen’ or ‘Tell me more.’

If they correctly guess that it did not happen, they get two points, but if they get it wrong, you steal one point from them and so you gain two points in total.

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