DIY face mask

It’s fall, the weather is sticky humid and your skin is just normalizing and recovering from the summer rays and heat. To give your face a little boost, try out one or all of these DIY face masks for different purposes.

We’re bringing you a DIY mask for every type of skin and every occasion so you could try them over the weekend.

By Mariam Elhamy

The Radiant Skin Mask

DIY face maskGot a big night and planning on wearing a lot of makeup? Let your face breathe and skip the foundation by trying out this mask that will restore your radiance in a few minutes.

To make the mask:

  • Pour 2-3 tsp of milk into a bowl, stir in 1 tbsp of gelatin and let it dissolve for 10 mins.
  • Microwave the mix for 30 secs or until it has a creamy consistency.

When the mixture is touchable yet warm, apply it to your face with a brush. Let the mask dry for about 30 mins and peel it off gently.

The Rejuvenating Mask

Help your face feel rejuvenated and super soft with this milk-based DIY face mask. Get clean, smooth skin in just 20 minutes.

To make the mask:

  • Mix 1/4 cup powdered milk with enough water to form a thick paste.
  • Thoroughly coat your face with the mix, let dry completely, then rinse with warm water.

The Mustard Face Mask

Mustard seems like a weird ingredient for a mask but it is especially good for acne, skin sensitivity and inflammation. It will also fight bacteria and stimulate your skin.

To make the mask:

  • Pat your face with mustard. Leave on for 15 mins and rinse with warm water.

The Coconut Peppermint Mask

This mask will leave your face refreshed while looking and smelling great!

To make the mask:

  • Combine 1 cup brown sugar, 1 cup granulated sugar, 3 tbsp cocoa powder, 1/4 cup coconut oil, 1/4 cup almond oil, 4 drops of peppermint essential oil and stir until well combined.
  • Apply to your face and leave for 20 mins then rinse with cool water.

The Charcoal Powder Mask

This mask is not only fun to make, it will help remove toxins, dirt, grime, buildup, and irritants from your face and leave it looking as radiant as ever.

To make the mask:

  • Combine 1⁄4 cup baking soda, 1 tbsp activated charcoal powder, 1⁄4 cup aloe vera gel and 1 tbsp lemon juice and mix thoroughly.
  • Using your fingertips, apply the mask to the skin with gentle circular motions until your entire face is coated.
  • Allow the mask to set for 10 to 15 mins, then rinse with warm water.

The Green Tea Mask

Minimize enlarged pores and fight acne with this green tea DIY face mask. Green tea works great with oily skin.

To make the mask:

  • Mix 1 tbsp green tea powder, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tsp lemon juice and 1 tsp sugar.
  • Apply the paste and massage for 1 to 2 mins in slow circular movements.
  • Leave on for 10 to 15 mins, then wash off.

The Turmeric Mask

Among the many benefits that turmeric has, it brightens skin, tightens pores, and even reduces inflammation. Try it on a small test area first to make sure it won’t irritate.

To make the mask:

  • Mix 1 tsp turmeric, 1 tsp honey and 1 tsp organic coconut oil to form a paste.
  • Spread evenly on the face and keep for 30 mins.
  • Rinse with warm water and a gentle cleanser.

The Apple and Honey Mask

DIY face maskWant soft, smooth and blemish-free skin? Try this apple and honey natural face mask that is gentle and soothing for your skin.

To make the mask:

  • Peel an apple and mash its flesh.
  • Take 3 tbsp of mashed apple and mix 2 tbsp of organic honey with it.
  • Apply the mixture and leave for 15 mins then wash with lukewarm water.

The Exfoliating Mask

DIY face maskIf scrubs are too harsh for your face and leave your skin irritated try this oatmeal, honey and olive oil exfoliating DIY face mask.

To make the mask:

  • Combine 1 tsp honey and 1 tsp olive oil.
  • Cook some oatmeal according to package instructions, using less water than called for so it forms a thick paste. Then add the honey and olive oil to the cooked oatmeal.
  • Apply scrub, gently rubbing in small circles over your skin. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry.

The Moisturizing Banana Mask

DIY face maskMoisturize, hydrate, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles with this all-natural DIY banana face mask.

To make the mask:

  • Mix 1/4 cup plain yogurt, 2 tbsp honey and one medium ripe mashed banana.
  • Apply the smooth paste and leave for 20 mins, then rinse it off with cold water.

The Strawberry Yogurt Mask

This yummy mask will leave your skin looking great. Strawberry has a lot of antioxidants that help skin feel soft and smooth. If you have any left over, make sure to keep it refrigerated to use later.

To make the mask:

  • Mash a handful of ripe strawberries with 3 tbsp of ground almonds.
  • Add 2 tbsp of plain yogurt and mix until the mixture has a pasty texture.
  • Apply it to your face, leave for 20 minutes and rinse with cool water.

For best results do these masks twice a week.

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