We care about your skin and what it needs. There are multiple skincare beauty tools out there that can be insanely intimidating, so here we go with some suggested beauty gadgets and products to keep your skin and body in check. Best Beauty Tools

Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush Teal- Revlon

There is nothing like blow-drying your hair and getting that full bounce that your hair needs. This tool is perfect for not only drying your hair but for styling your hair as well. This has now become a must-have hair tool.

Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Best Beauty ToolsEnhance and lift your face with a Gua Sha that will change your life. It firms and tightens successfully and helps with lymphatic drainage.  Best Beauty Tools

FaceWare Pro LED Light Therapy Device, DRx SpectraLite

Best Beauty Tools☺️This beauty tool uses 162 red and blue LED bulbs to help reduce wrinkles and clear acne scars in just three minutes! It is every girl’s dream. 

Facial Cleansing and Firming Massage Brush

This facial cleanser is a time saver! It cleans your face extremely well and lifts away dirt, oil, and extra sebum in only 1 minute.Best Beauty Tools

Silk Pillow- Sleek

Sleek is known for its pure silk fabrics and we love the extra care that the brand has to offer. Silk pillowcases ensure that your creams and oils remain intact and not absorbed. So, grab yourself some silk. Best Beauty Tools

Spectralite Bodywear Pro

Best Beauty ToolsSimilar to the Faceware Pro LED Light, this genius tool has been designed to be used on the body and contains red and blue lights to target fine lines, acne, and muscle aches or pains. In the comfort of your own home, use it on your neck, shoulders, chest, and limbs.

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