We know your friends always tease you about not knowing any “effehat” and being a bummer, so we’ve decided to help you out with this inclusive list of movies to watch to become an effehat pro. Happy watching!

By: Mariam Elhamy

Se3idy Fl Gam3a El Americeya

An old film that has survived the ages, Se3idy Fl Gam3a El Americeya has so many effehat we use every day without even realizing. “E7na etkatab 3aleina sagaryerna teb2a wa7da” and “Khaliki fresh e7na f re7la” are two examples.

El Basha Telmeez

El Basha Telmeez is one of the movies that are filled with so many effehat you’ll be laughing the night off with Karim Abdelaziz, Ramez Galal and Ghada Adel.

El Nazer

This one is for the books! If you haven’t seen film El Nazer at least a 100 times then how do you even consider yourself Egyptian? Get on those classic effehat that never die.

Fool El seen el 3azeem

“El seen 7elwa”, “Youm wara youm 7abibi”, “3andena bndrabo bel shebsheb”, and “Ya leeee” are all some of the best effehat we love and they all come from this fantastic movie.

Ghaby Meno Fih

It could not get funnier than Ghaby Meno Fih, the movie is about a normal guy trying to get married with the impossible conditions that his father-in-law has for him so he becomes a thief and fails miserably.

Ga2ana El Bayan Al Taly

I don’t like this movie, said no one ever. Mohamed Henedy and Hanan Tork make us laugh every time and the movie has some classic effehat like “Kesset 7ob Merfat w 3eela2”, “T7eb t2ool eh f ras el sana el gdeeda? 7asbi allah wane3malwakeel!”, “Mn amam e7na bytootsh el de3ara”, “Bamout ya Fakhry” and many many more.

Wesh Egram

Another movie full of great effehat and so many comedic scenes that will get you ROFLing, Wesh Egram is a great movie for Mohamed Henedy.

Yana Ya Khalty

A story about magic and spells, Yana Ya Khalty cracks us up with its witty jokes and innuendos. This one is a must-watch and it’s also full of great effehat.

Teer Enta

Teer Enta is your effehat dictionary! We can’t even start to pinpoint all of the effehat in this movie because there are too many to count.

El 7asa El Sab3a

We can’t help but LOL at El 7asa El Sab3a’s hilarious and ridiculous jokes. The movie is about a guy who suddenly develops a skill to read people’s minds and so he discovers the ugly truth.

La Tarago3 Wala Esteslam

7azal2oum is one of our favorite characters, we love him for his witty comebacks and silly remarks. This film has so many effehat you’ll be getting a full course meal.

samir w shahir w baheer

When in doubt watch Samir w Shahir w Baheer, the movie is full of hilarious moments and strong effehat!

3assal eswed

“Sank you ferry much”
“Enta Meen 7adretak 3shn takta7em 3alaya el keelass?”
“Keelas eh mafish 7aga esmaha keelass! Y3ni da keelas w da keelas dol keelasat!?”
“Apla Merfat. Miss Neefeen bt2ool l 7adretek howa fi profa enhrda?”
“Eh el talawos el ana sme3to da?”

Who are you from Film El Nazer?