What works better than a beach ambiance and a barbeque? Not just any old toss-it-on-the-grill affair, but perfectly cooked meat and chicken, prepared and cooked at the hands of masters.

Lebanese/Brazilian Chef Mario Aoun brings all the skill of two cultures well versed in the art of grilling to the shores of El Gouna.

Type of cuisine: Dynamic BBQ stations offering live cooking over an open fire. Vegetarians and fish-lovers will also be happy to find some creative options, both hot and cold.

Signature items: It’s mainly about meat, all of it cooked to perfection.

What You Will Find

A carnivore’s paradise. From Beef Tartare, created from prime US beef, chives, fresh onion, capers, coriander and dill, served with lemon wedges and croutons, all the way to burgers and meat platters. What could be better than Steak et Frites?

A juicy entrecote with piping hot fries served just the way you like it. Or maybe a B-Connection Burger. What could go wrong with an Angus beef patty teamed with cheddar, beef bacon, onion rings, BBQ sauce and Cuban sauce? With cuts ranging from ribeye to T-bone and tomahawk, beef lovers should be more than happy. We liked the look of the Honey Glazed Salmon and Creamy Chicken Breast as well.

We wouldn’t miss out on appetizers either, ever-popular truffle fries and chicken lollipops are there, along with some tempting salads. On days when we want something a bit lighter, we would like to sample the sandwiches, although the Bros Steak Sandwich with sirloin beef, sweet onion, home-style sauce and melted Provolone cheese would probably be quite a mouthful.

To top things off with something sweet, the Pain Perdu with caramel, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream would do the trick! See you there!

Worth knowing: Catering service is available

Contact information

Address: Mangroovy Beach

Tel: 0122 536 3333

Facebook: bbqbrosleb

Instagram: bbqbrosegy

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