A very welcome addition to El Gouna’s dining scene, offering sublime cuisine with phenomenal views over the Marina, Barten has been reinvented under the new owners Karim Mekhtigian,  Nader El Darry and the Habashi brothers.

Type of cuisine: Aesthetically designed dishes are composed to reflect a chemical balance between a spectrum of taste elements. Asian influences are strong.

Signature Dishes & Dishes Sampled

Every dish offers something unique, but ‘must try’ items include the outstanding Sesame Seed Crusted Tuna. Malaysian Head Chef Erfan is adding new dishes during the soft opening phase.

As soon as we had been warmly greeted by the attentive, and well-dressed service team we settled in and relaxed as our drink order was promptly taken. We were delighted when our Moscow Mule cocktails speedily arrived in stylish copper and stainless steel mugs. To our amazement these kept the ice frozen and our drinks cold for over an hour, just one example of how natural elements have been cleverly applied at Barten.  We were then presented with Barten’s take on amuse-bouche in the form of a Dashi Broth, served hot with an appealing flavor of chicken and herbs, served alongside a dish of fresh peanuts.

This was followed by an enticing array of ‘Prelude Dishes’ which included Shiitake Mushrooms, Edamame Beans, Armenian Sausage and Gyoza Dumplings filled with beef and served with wasabi sauce. With our taste buds incredibly tantalized, we were then served several ‘Processional Dishes’ including a melt-in-your-mouth fresh Sesame-Crusted Tuna, served with a soy, rice vinegar and wasabi dressing. We also enjoyed Japanese Himachi, which came served with a perfectly complementing sauce. Other dishes served within this course on the menu could have included Prawns, Herring and Confit de Canard.

We could have enjoyed a further course of ‘Recessional Dishes’ at this stage, which included Aged Cheeses and also a yoghurt based dish. Already feeling quite full and satisfied with our culinary experience, we opted instead for the ‘Postlude’ option of Chocolate. A somewhat unusual but beautiful dish served with white, milk and dark high quality chocolate on a bed of sea salt.

This course epitomizes the passion of the owners and chef alike in their wish to bring together a fusion of sweet, sour, acidic and salty throughout the entire menu

Other Menu Options that Appealed & Beverages Available

New dishes are still being added to the exciting menu, so we hope to revisit in the near future to immerse ourselves further in what Barten has to offer.

Barten has a full bar with some iconic cocktails that are worth exploring, along with soft options for those who prefer.

Décor & Ambience

Barten has recently been refurbished to an incredibly high standard and the owners have retained the restaurant name of Barten as it is a particular favorite of El Gouna’s founder, Samih Sawiris. It offers a stunningly designed internal bar area coupled with a large external seating area.

With a stellar location, diners are able to relax, enjoy and take in the panoramic view of both sides of the Marina. Cups and crockery at the restaurant are all proudly designed by co-owner Mekhtigian himself, once again displaying the desire for perfection.

 Clientele mix: A discerning, gastronomically savvy mix of both El Gouna residents and visitors. Mainly 25+ with a taste for exceptional, innovative cuisine served with flair and panache.

Price range: Rather high end, but justifiable when you consider the quality throughout.

Contact Information

Opening hours: 7:30 pm to 1 am.

Address: Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna

Tel: 0121 136 3885

Instagram: @barten.elgouna