Lighting up life in El Gouna, Aurora attracts an in-the-know crowd like moths to a flame. With music, a laid-back vibe, great food and drinks that hit the spot, this is a place to strut your stuff.

Type of cuisine: International, with plenty of seafood.

What you will find:

Pescetarians, rejoice! Many of the dishes feature seafood, prepared in diverse ways, so you can explore to your heart’s content. We would virtuously kick off with a Shrimp Caesar salad and an Octopus salad, which comes loaded with octopus, cherry tomatoes, potato, olives and parsley. Both sound rather tempting, and not too heavy. Aurora

Other interesting options include Zucchini Soup with the intriguing addition of mascarpone cheese or appetizers like Marrow Bone or Herring with Tahina and Pepper. Isn’t it good to see chefs thinking outside of the box and using a wider range of available ingredients!

Main dishes are quite straightforward, with a simple approach allowing the main ingredients to sing. Again, there is a wide range of seafood, so we would dive in and go for Sea-Bass Cartucho, oven cooked with lemon and oil, or Grouper Fillet served with a creamy butter lemon sauce. Aurora

We must admit though, the Fish and Chips could be a deal-breaker if they are done to perfection. Let’s see! Aurora

N.B. There are plenty of other dishes to try, so we also have our eye on the Seafood Risotto and Shrimp Spaghetti for future visits.

Beverages: Full bar, fun cocktails and plenty of soft options.

Contact information

Location: Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna

Opening hours: 12 pm – 1 am (Thursday, Friday – 2 am)

Clubbing time: 10 pm – 1 am (Weekends – 2 am)

Reservations: 0128 809 6086 (2 pm – 8 pm)

Instagram: auroraelgouna

Facebook: aurora el gouna

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