CWM: Amr, what keeps you going and sane during quarantine? 

I like making new videos, especially ones with funny content. It’s a great pleasure for me to help people laugh. I also play sports every day. And I like to bike so I try to do that each day right between iftar and the start of curfew hours.

We saw the experience you shared on social media when stayed in a very small hotel room. What if that happened during quarantine?

My God! I couldn’t even spend my vacation time in that room, and if I was quarantined alone in such circumstances, I would ignore the curfew and just leave!

Tell us about a funny situation you’ve recently been in.

Actually, a rather embarrassing situation happened recently. I was out biking when a group of people asked to take some photos with me, then right when I left on my bike I almost crashed into a child! I was able to brake quickly but ended up falling off the bike. It was so embarrassing but thankfully the little boy was okay.

Which of the comedians you follow make you laugh?

When it comes to Egyptian comedians, I really like all of Ahmed Mekky and Donia Samir Ghanem’s older works. And Hollywood wise, I’m a big fan of Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, and Will Smith, who is my favorite. As well as Jim Carrey’s older movies.

How is Formet el Sahel going?

That’s gone! First of all, there won’t be any traveling to Sahel this year, so motivation is low. Plus of course, Ramadan’s infamous sweets – kunafa, basboosa etc., which are basically irresistible for me. I try to work out as much as I can, however the calories that are burnt are not equivalent to the daily food intake!