Akram Hosny

Akram Hosny might have taken a break last Ramadan but he is coming back hot ‘n heavy this summer with the release of his first ever single, “Law Kont” featuring Haifa Wehbe, a humorous, tongue-and-cheek rap song that poses the existential question, “If I weren’t me, what or who would I be?” We sat with him to learn about his new projects, and about having his first single and upcoming play all in the same season.

By Aliaa Elsherbini

You have a funny new song out that also makes us think, how did it come about?

When I write songs, I always try to break the norms of song-writing and do something different. Which is what I did with “Law Kont”. It’s a song that asks a question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point: If you weren’t you, what would you be? My idea was to turn this question into a song and let the audience’s imagination roam free with the endless possibilities. Akram Hosny

Before the release of the song, the hashtag #LawKont was trending on social media, and it opened a conversation. Did you expect such a reaction?

The idea of asking “Law Kont” can be used to interact with the audience without having it be a song, it could have been a movie or another project all together. What we did was we used the concept of the song to open a conversation on social media without giving away what “Law Kont” is.Akram Hosny

We took the high level of engagement from celebrities and audiences as an indication that the release of the song would be well received. Akram Hosny

So why Haifa Wehbe? Seems like an unusual choice, doesn’t it?

There are two reasons for that choice. The first was that the lyrics of the song made me automatically think of Haifa, her beauty and sassiness. Secondly, I always try to come up with different and interesting combinations.

So, my collaboration with Haifa is unexpected; I am not a singer and when I do write and sing songs, they are usually to support the acting project that I am currently working on. So, when I thought of actually making a single with a video, I wanted it to be unique.

And as expected, the combination of Haifa and I was a successful one. Even before the release when we were still preparing the song and people would ask about it, they would smile at the idea of Haifa and I doing something together. Akram Hosny

Did you enjoy creating a rap song? Do you see yourself pursuing music?

I do not categorize myself as a singer who can sing all ranges of music, but I can sing the things that I relate to. With that being said, I do write meaningful songs with deep lyrics that I do not expect to sing, but that would require specific types of singers to perform.

Akram Hosny

But, I will repeat this experience again and keep writing songs in both a comedic context and a meaningful one for others to perform.Akram Hosny

And finally for the first time in Egypt, you’re doing a play! How does that feel?

I had my eye on theatre since I began my acting career in 2008, and I was always trying to get into it but with my projects on TV like Abo Hafiza, and with cinema, it became more difficult to realize.

However last year, I participated in a play for the first time, called 3otl Fani and was with Hesham, Chico, Ayten Amer, Nashwa Mostafa and Ismail Farghali, directed by Otaka and produced by Amir Teima who really made sure to have the play in the best shape possible.

3otl Fani was played during the Riad season in Saudi Arabia. We all wanted to relive the experience, so when I was approached with the idea of putting on a play here in Egypt and showing it to an Egyptian audience, I was more than willing.

So tell us about the process behind putting together that play in Egypt.

The production team suggested bringing back the combo of Akram and Ahmed Amin, and so we did.

The cast of the upcoming play consists of me and Amin with Reem Mostafa, and Ayten Amer, under the direction of one of the people I admire the most, Khaled Galal. His acting workshops produce the best people in entertainment every year; who end up taking the lead in all sorts of acting projects, and I am proud to be working under his direction.

The play should be ready by this summer. It is produced by Synergy, the idea is by Haitham Rizk, written by George Azmi and a workshop. I am proud to be working with George because he is one of the most creative people that I have met in my life, and would like to keep working with him on other projects.

Akram HosnyBesides the play, are you working on something else at the moment?

I am working on a series for the upcoming Ramadan season, but we are still in the early stages of assembling the cast and brainstorming ideas. As soon as all of this is set, we will announce it. Akram Hosny

Quickfire Round:

Who would you take with you on a stranded island?

Ahmed Fahmy

Fiction or reality?


Mangos or watermelon during the hot season?


Duck or Sushi?

Duck with fereek

Mahraganat or Egyptian rap?

I like both but I will have to go with Mahraganat

Sa7el or Sokhna during summer?

Nuweiba, Sinai

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