Ahmed Hatem

By: Mariam Elhamy

When talking about El Ghassala (The Washing Machine), Ahmed Hatem spared no details about the cast, the genre and why he expected this movie to be a great success with a certain audience. In an exclusive interview with the star, we find out all the details behind this new film.

What was it like playing a character in a sci-fi film for the first time?

When I first got introduced to this character and this movie I was told to think of it as if it were real. So even the jokes came from a real sense, my character Omar totally believed in el ghassala and that everything he’s doing will fix his relationship with his love.

Since a young age, he was determined to win her over and that’s what he did. Omar is completely clueless; he was so keen on succeeding and winning the girl that he was oblivious to everything that was changing around him.

Ahmed Hatem

How did you put your personal touch to the role?

This role has nothing to do with me as a person or any role I’ve ever done before. The character’s behavior, the way he talks, moves and thinks is completely different than who I am. I chose this role for that reason, so that I could try something completely new and different than anything that is familiar. Omar doesn’t look or act like anyone at all.

Is sci-fi a genre you would like to continue exploring?

Of course. It’s the only genre that no matter how much time passes never gets repetitive. The problem with genres like romance, action or thrillers is that their ideas keep repeating themselves.

When you do a sci-fi film, you drift off into something that is completely imaginary and doesn’t exist. No other movie has the same idea of a man who invents a time machine that looks like a washing machine to travel and meet his younger self.

Did you expect the movie’s success?

I had a feeling that people would like it and we had a specific and large target audience, mainly children, who we believed would love this movie. Thankfully, kids loved it mainly because it’s a bit cartoonized in its characters and colors.

What are some memorable moments from being on set?

There were funny moments with the whole cast, Hannah for example is hilarious, she always makes me laugh. My relationship with Mahmoud Hemeida is completely surreal. As for Fathy, Sallam and Taher, this was the first time that I had worked with them and I feel like I’ve made new discoveries getting to know them, especially outside filming.

They have a wide scope of talent, they always offer something completely new that they haven’t done before. I loved working with them and I hope we get to work together again because they are some of the best people to work with in comedy and other genres.

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