When you have several places that you call home, some in far-flung destinations and some a few hours from the heartbeat of Cairo, what would prompt you to embark on a new abode?

The answer was simple. El Gouna is a unique destination, encompassing nature, culture, a thriving community and an enviable lifestyle that is hard to find in many places around the globe.

Leading interior designer Coca Ezzat shared her client’s brief for this stunning new Red Sea project with Cairo West.

What was your client looking for this new home to provide?

A home away from home, comfortable for all seasons. A place for family gatherings, a retreat within easy reach of Cairo where they could relax and invite friends.

What special features have you incorporated in the design and layout?

The artwork, the sculptures and the lighting all play a big role in giving the space a dramatic change of mood, transitioning from day to night.

What influenced your choice of finishing materials?

For floors we used large matte finish porcelain tiles through the interior and outdoor spaces, complemented by the addition of honed marble slabs for the staircase and other areas.

All cabinets and cladding are in HPL for durability and to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations as El Gouna can be very hot in summertime and cold on winter nights.

For walls, we used a flat matte chalky paint finish in one color for the whole house to give it a nice natural flow without any transitions in color. And finally, we added slightly tinted double glazed windows to break the glare of the El Gouna sun throughout the day and keep the rooms cool.

How closely did you liaise with your client throughout the process?

We as the team of COCA Interiors were very pleased with the fact that the client put a lot of trust in our choice of materials, furniture, fabric color mixes, artworks and accessories.

As much as it is a tremendous responsibility for a design team to be given a free hand to finalize the project after the presentation process is approved, nevertheless, it becomes more difficult to try to make every detail in the spaces meet the client’s expectations, especially when the client is not directly involved in the progress of the work.

Address: 13 Abd El-Moneim Hafez St., Heliopolis.


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