For many, the holiday season is incomplete without spending at least a night munching on your favorite snacks and cookies, sipping a warm mug of hot chocolate while watching the perfect rom-com movie. winter Rom-Coms

Whether you like the classics or modern-day romantic comedies, we’ve rounded up a selection of 8 destinations for all types of holiday movie buffs.

By: Hana AbdelAziz

The Holiday

Two women troubled with guy-problems swap homes in each other’s countries, where they both meet a local guy and fall in love!

Something is touching if willfully naïve about Ms. Meyers’s nostalgia for Hollywood’s golden age. This movie is not only a classic, but also it is a perfect holiday movie.

Sleepless in Seattle

If love, at first sight, is a reality, then there should also be the possibility of love at first cyber contact! An unapologetically romantic movie about two people who fall in love from opposite sides of the continent without having even met. This movie is the definition of what a holiday movie is. winter Rom-Coms

Two Night Stand

winter Rom-ComsYou might not be the worst person in the world to be stuck with! Megan and Alec figure that out in their first date turn two nightstands thanks to a snowstorm. This movie will give you hope in finding love even in the coldest times.

The Family Stone

winter Rom-ComsThe beautifully written Christmas rom-com movie of the Stone family will keep you on a whirlwind of adventures. In a small New England town, a family gets together for the holidays, and we get a heartfelt insight into each member’s life. The Family Stone will make you laugh and cry and will turn into your favorite winter watch, guaranteed!

Four Christmases

Four Christmases is one of those forgotten holiday movies. But maybe you should give it another chance! It actually taps into some humor of one outlandish situation after another. This movie will defiantly keep you hinged to your screens. winter Rom-Coms

Last Holiday

What’s more satisfying than watching Queen Latifa in this rom-com holiday movie where she discovers that she has a terminal illness prompts introverted saleswoman, Georgia Byrd, to reflect on what she realizes has been an overly cautious life.winter Rom-Coms

Millions of women want to follow her passion for withdrawing all her life’s savings and jets off to Europe, where she lives like a millionaire. Upbeat, Georgia charms everybody she meets and learns to enjoy life! The moral of the story, take that holiday, go to that restaurant, call your crush, and take days off!

Winter’s Tale

The movie flies us around through time from the 1890s to 2014, with Colin Farrell. Adapting a well-loved book for the screen is always a risky proposition. Sometimes elements from the page will not work visually and vice versa. However, this tale is a beautiful story that keeps you wanting more, especially since it is in one of the most beloved cities, New York, the city of lights.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

If you want to laugh your socks off, then this special rom-com is for you. After another year of loneliness and disappointments in love, Bridget decides to improve her lot and find love while keeping track of her progress in her diary. winter Rom-Coms

She gets involved with her cad of a boss, Daniel, although she is attracted to the upright Mark Darcy. Which one will she choose? Watch the movie and find out.

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