By: Mariam Elhamy

Celebrating the groups that made cycling around Cairo an easy, fun and exciting activity is the least we could do on World Bicycle Day! We’ve collected a list of the most popular groups and pages that facilitate cycling or organize rides so that you can find a group in your area and start cycling around Cairo.

Zayed Runners, Sports and Bikes

Zayed Runners, Sports and Bikes is a group that does sports activities and cycles in 6th of October City and Sheikh Zayed. You’ll find their rides announced on the Facebook group.

Cairo Bike Polo

Cairo Bike Polo organizes rides all over Cairo. Go on one of their fun bike rides announced weekly through Facebook and Instagram. You’ll also find cool photos from the last ride.


StarBike is a fun group in Nasr City that organizes and facilitates riding events in a safe and friendly environment.

StarBike’s Facebook / Instagram

Go Bike

Go Bike is a cycling school that also organizes riding events all over Cairo.

Go Bike’s Facebook / Instagram


Bescletta is a bicycle shop that organizes riding events and activities.

Bescletta’s Facebook / Instagram 


4Bike is a page that organizes creative events and rides around Zamalek.

4Bike’s Facebook / Instagram

Cairo Cycler’s Club

Cairo Cycler’s Club is a group that organizes rides and posts any new info regarding cycling in Egypt on their Facebook.

Sekketak Khadra 

Sekketak Khadra is an initiative for promoting bike racks in Egypt and to assert the presence of the bicycle in our daily life. They have implemented the project in some areas in Heliopolis and Downtown. They also post rides on Facebook.

Bikes Park 

Bikes Park is a huge area for bikers to enjoying riding away from the hustle and bustle of the streets and in an actual path made for bicycles. It’s located in Future City near Madinaty.

Bikes Park’s Facebook