Some of the smartest property developers are coming up with smaller spaces to meet an increasing demand from young urban professionals. The bachelor pad is back! Here is our survival kit for guys taking a brave step into new territory, along with a few tips for what to include and what to avoid.

# Essential Number 1

Invest in a top quality mattress. Try and test until you find the right support and feel. One third of your life will be spent with your selection, so choose carefully.

# Essential Number 2

Cool, fresh, pure Egyptian cotton bedding. The better quality the cotton, the sweeter the dreams!

# Essential number 3

Soft, absorbent bath sheets that make shower time even better. And don’t forget the guest towels! Why not do your bit for the environment by getting the right eco- friendly shower nozzle as well!

# Essential number 4

The ultimate sofa. Look for something that will stand up to wear and tear, with a versatile design that won’t date too quickly.

Designed by Christian Werner, Prado offers a vast bench and rearrangeable cushion, creating a welcoming space to lounge, gather, or stretch.

Prado Sofa by Ligne Roset – Style Design

# Essential number 5

Even the most minimal space needs to have a kitchen. These all-in-one units function perfectly and look great as well.

Euromobil All-In-One Kitchen – Style Design

# Essential number 6

Something to keep those work clothes looking fresh and neat! When you try it you will wonder how you got this far without a clothes steamer.

Black & Decker Garment Steamer – B.Tech

Easy Crease Removal – Philips

# Essential number 7

Houseplants! They look amazing and add to any interior or terrace. An added bonus, they are great air purifiers as well.

# Essential number 8

Maybe this should really be a top priority. If, like us, you don’t consider that the day has started until you have your first cup of java, pop this little gem from Nespresso onto your ‘to buy’ list.

Essenza Mini – Nespresso

5 things that make us cringe

  • Mini toiletries collected from hotels, wherever.
  • Towels or robes souvenired from the same hotels!
  • Chipped crockery or glassware.
  • Stuffed toys (except maybe a well-worn teddy bear – our soft spot).
  • Mess – keep it neat!

5 picks to make a house feel like home

Books. Ones that you really intend to read and share.

Music. Whether you want to go for Smart Technology and immerse yourself, or opt for very covetable Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus speakers, this point is not negotiable.

TV. Ok … the best you can afford. We are torn between the LG OLED and the Samsung QLED with Bixby Intelligent Voice Assistant. Still on our wish list…

Art and collectibles. It’s not just about the price, it is more about what holds special meaning. Family photos, something you couldn’t resist lugging home from your last trip to a far-flung locale, or a piece by an up-and-coming artist that somehow ‘spoke’ to you.

A four-legged friend. No matter how cool your bachelor pad is, sometimes it can seem a little lonely.  When you need a buddy to share those special moments with and turn solitude into companionship, it will be worth all the extra work.


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