You're Using Your Partner

Toxic relationship, flirtationship, no strings attached, we’re just having fun, it’s complicated… We’ve heard and seen it all but what does it mean? Find out whether you and your partner are using each other or if you’re meant to be together.

By Mariam Elhamy

You Think About Them When You’re Lonely

Do you find yourself missing them and thinking about them when you don’t have other plans or when you’re feeling emotional, lonely or vulnerable? If you don’t really think about them when you’re occupied, then you just love the idea of having someone in your life.You're Using Your Partner

You Don’t Live in the Present

Planning your future together is fine but if you’re always looking forward to the future because your relationship is dull at the present then chances are, it will always be that way.

When you are with someone, you should be content in your present that you do not feel the need to fantasize about your future, if you continuously plan your future adventures in your head more than actually living the here and now, they’re probably not the one.

They Make you Angry

It’s not that you have little respect for them but their behavior annoys you and you get annoyed by it. This causes you to treat them badly or keep it in and suffer in silence.You're Using Your Partner

You’re Not Fully There for Them

you rarely worry about how they’re doing or what’s going on with them. You’re just used to going out with them because it’s fun or because you need someone to listen to you.

You Can’t Really Commit

You think about other people and you wonder if you ever meet someone better that you might leave them. You talk about the future but it’s all talk because when it comes down to taking steps you chicken out.You're Using Your Partner

You Look at Other Relationships 

Do you compare your relationship to those around you? Do you always feel the need to be like them? If your current relationship doesn’t feel enough for you then it’s no wonder you’re looking at other examples.

You love the idea of being in a relationship but not the person you’re with. Don’t force yourself to be with someone you don’t want to be with just so that you can have what others have. Trust the process and be patient. It might be closer than you think.

You Know You Deserve Better

You’ll know when you’re settling. We all do. But are you happily settling or does it drive you mad every time they do that annoying thing you always ask them not to do? You should not ever settle for less than you think you deserve. Don’t let it get ugly and cut to the chase.

It might be easier said than done especially when you’re in a safe relationship that gives you some of the things that you need but when you’re using them to fulfil your inner needs and desires just because they’re around that doesn’t mean that they are the right one for you.

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