If it seems that no matter how much you follow Marie Kondo, shelves and drawers still keep filling up to an unmanageable level. Help is at hand! We have rounded up our top picks for locally available walk-in and reach-in wardrobes, just to inspire you to keep things in order.

Amr Helmy Designs

Distinctive designs created from high quality wood, combined with practical functionality to create walk-in wardrobes for today’s homes.


Recognized for high quality customized kitchens, Contistahl also offers a range of beautifully crafted walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms.


Affordable and bang on trend, Designy’s clothing storage solutions fit seamlessly into the most contemporary and ergonomic spaces. There are options to suit everyone, with a wide range of styles, dimensions, colors and finishes.


Let your clothing become a vibrant part of your bedroom space with reach-in wardrobes that allow you to arrange your outfits to match your lifestyle. Perfect for teens and kids, they will never need reminding to tidy up.

Style Design

Known for outstanding contemporary design and innovative solutions, Style Design creates walk-in wardrobes that not only provide immaculately organized space for clothing and accessories; they look so good they enhance the very space they inhabit.


WOODPECKER offers a completely new perspective, with elegant yet functional walk-in closet design ideas to help you have a well – organized dressing area. The all-new grey linen textile finish suggests a certain lightness, and WOODPECKER has implemented integrated lighting that adds a touch of warmth.

8 Steps for a Perfect Wardrobe

  • Organize in sections, according to the type of clothing item.
  • Then organize by color grading.
  • Favorite outfit combinations can be kept together in an allocated space.
  • Use drawers to keep accessories and small items free of dust.
  • Store out of season clothing away so you can avoid clutter.
  • Use the correct type of hanger according to the clothing item.
  • Knitwear should be gently rolled and placed on shelves or in drawers, rather than left to droop on hangers.
  • De-clutter at least once a season. If you no longer wear something, pass it along to someone who will.

Photo by Nour El Refai





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