We all know how addictive Instagram scrolling can be, but this bad habit can be a useful one when it comes to inspirational looks! Need a little direction and ideas to springboard off of? These 6 mega-talented Egyptian makeup artists will provide just that.

Noheir Darwish
Noheir can produce a number of styles for day and night, fresh or super glam.

Kiki Ismail
One of the biggest names in the biz, Kiki is well-versed in both sleek, trendy looks and haute couture fashion.

Heba El Kaissy

Hopping between Cairo and Dubai, Heba is a London College of Makeup graduate and launched The Kit – The Make Up Artist on Facebook where she offers beauty tips and tutorials.

Sherifa Attout
Follow Sherifa for lots of fresh and trendy inspiration on both day looks and night glam.
Mai Ayman

This London Makeup Institute certified makeup artist from has a dreamy page full of high fashion looks, perfect to draw inspiration from.

Sally Rashid

Follow this Lancôme national make up artist for fresh-faced look inspiration, perfect for any occasion.