Be Humble Day

It’s Be Humble Day! A day that celebrates having humility, a trait more difficult to acquire than you might think. Humility is all about learning, accepting, and internal strength.

We suggest you start by, as a wise rapper Kendrick Lamar once said, hold up, sit down, be humble!

By: Aliaa ElSherbini

Here are 6 habits to help you develop humility.


Listening is a key trait that not only helps you grow, but also helps you maintain relationships with others. Do not be the person that cannot wait to speak, but rather, put yourself aside and listen to what others have to say and enable them to express themselves. You will understand people better when you listen and be less likely to judge.

How to Be a Good Listener

Accept Feedback

Nobody is perfect, and everybody makes mistakes. Cliché? Yes, indeed, but we tend to forget that as soon as we receive feedback. Learn to accept constructive criticism and welcome other people’s opinions, as long as there is no disrespect. Let feedback fuel your growth, not make you defensive.Be Humble Day

Assume Responsibility

Being humble does not mean being cowardly or loose. It actually means owning up to your wrongs and assuming your responsibilities without playing the blame game and pointing fingers at others.

Avoid Bragging

It is healthy and recommended to celebrate our wins in life, but bragging is the exaggerated form of such celebration. To be humble is to be grateful for what you have but not all “in your face” boastful.

Gratefulness is part of cultivating a positive mindset that focuses on what you have and achieved. While bragging tends to be for the people around, not for you to feel good about yourself.

Be Situationally Aware

Be aware of the situations that you are in. Situational awareness is part of emotional intelligence, where you learn about the situation, the people in it, and their dynamics rather than only focusing on yourself. Awareness is part of learning.

Ask for Help

Humility is realizing that you do not know everything, and recognizing when you need help, and asking for it. Get rid of the misconception that asking for help is a weakness. You just have to find the appropriate ways to do so without feeling like you are losing your sense of “equality” with the person you are facing.