By: Mariam Elhamy

Is Shahid set to be the Arabic version of Netflix? They started to create their original content and we are super excited for what they have in store! Shahid’s platform is so hot right now because it’s easy to use and offers regular updates with many new shows.

1. Shahid vs. Netflix

Shahid has really embraced Netflix’s look and outline. Their shows are listed according to genre or country of origin. You can also watch shows live from specific channels like MBC, Fox or Disney.



2. Original Content

Shahid is producing their own original series and movies, which means that shows don’t have to be 30 episodes long and boring. It also means that you can expect some gruesome and 18+ scenes because content created online don’t have to be approved by the media censorship board.

Some of Shahid’s originals so far include: Mamlaket Eblees starring Ahmed Dawood, Fi Kol Esboo Yom Gomaa starring Menna Shalaby, Ahd El Dam starring Bassel Khayat, Nemra Etneen starring Nelly Karim, El Ameer El Ahmar starring Taim Hasan, El Diva starring Cyrine Abdelnour, and Rahala starring Marwan Younis.

3. Super Cheap

For 14 EGP a month, you can stream all you want. For a limited time, you can subscribe and keep paying that discount forever. How cheap is that?

4. Shahid Junior

The category for kids has everything we had watched as children as well as all the new shows. Junior is not only child-friendly but it’s fun to watch for adults all the same. With all kinds of old and new cartoons from Disney, Nickelodeon and Pixar, Shahid Junior is only available for VIP accounts.

5. Shahid VIP

The perks that Shahid VIP customers get include sneak peeks of Shahid’s original content and exclusive shows for the first time, and new movie releases ads-free! You can also use the download and watch offline feature, use Shahid Junior, or stream live tv channels with high quality and it allows up to 5 users.