activities in Sa7el

Sa7el has a bit of everything for everyone and that’s what we love about it. Check out all the places to be and activities to do in Sa7el this summer and make all your summer days memorable. activities in Sa7el

1. Aqua Aerobics

Could there be a more summery way to stay in shape? Stay cool and fresh while you tone those suntanned abs and curves with aerobics classes at Fouka Bay.activities in Sa7el

Location: Fouka Bay

Tel: 16094

2. Basketball

Whether it is a packed court or just a few players, basketball is an enjoyable activity that gathers you and your loved ones to enjoy the breeze, break a little sweat, and shoot some hoops.

Location: Diplo

Tel: 0122 219 9022/0120 180 2622

3. Beach Volleyball

A classic beach activity, beach volleyball is a team sport that really unites while players scramble for some competitive points and the ball is moved around like a hot potato. It’s a great workout for all involved and doesn’t need any particular training.

Location: Most compounds

4. Escape Room Games

Spice up this summer by taking part in the escape room games in Rivette Mall. Get involved a labyrinth full of twists and turns where you try and find the hidden answers in bottles that lead you to the next clue.

Rooms specific to a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players, as you try and unlock the mystery behind each of the 6 themed escape rooms. The rooms can offer 30 minutes or a full hour. Experience the adrenalin rush and challenge your analytical skills to try and get out of the room as soon as you and your partners can.

Location: Rivette Mall

Tel: 0120 000 4434

5. Fitness & Pilates

Being on holiday doesn’t mean you have to give up on your workouts. All that great food needs to be burned off before it spoils your trim summer shape. Enjoy the fresh air, sun, sea and great company!

Location: Fouka Bay

Tel: 16094

6. Football

Football is everywhere along the length of Sa7el, ranging from games on regular fields to beach football and foot volley. Just check out the compounds nearest to you and you are sure to strike gold. activities in Sa7el

7. Kayaking

activities in Sa7elKayaking is one of those low-key activities that seem simple enough but offers you maximum entertainment. It’s a water activity that engages you physically as it improves your rowing skills. It also engages you visually as you get to see more of the things that lurk in the water beneath you more clearly.

Location: Diplo

Tel: 0120 180 2622

8. Padel

The sport that rolls out the best of both the tennis and squash worlds, padel is all the buzz in Cairo and now with it available on the North Coast, it is sure to be a hit. A dynamic combination of two famous racket sports, it will get your competitive juices flowing. Available at several spots in Sa7el.


  • Diplo

Tel: 0120 180 2622

  • Fouka Bay

Tel: 16094

  • Telal – PadelPod

Facebook: PadelPod

  • La Vista Bay – Jpadel

Facebook: jpadelegypt

9. Surf Camp Egypt

Surf Camp Egypt is the perfect place to enjoy the waves, make some new friends and become a part of a community that knows how to make the most of summer. Can’t you already feel the vibes and taste that salty water? activities in Sa7el

Make sure not to miss out on the action so learn to surf yourself into having a great time filled with that invigorating wave energy. Learn the basics and hone you skills with a few of your surf buddies as you soak up all that water and sun.


Hacienda Red, Hacienda White, Swan Lake

Tel: 0114 477 7022

Age: 6-99

Instagram: surfcampegypt

10. Tennis

Diplo hasn’t forgotten all the tennis lovers. What could beat a nice tennis match on a sunny morning, with a cool splash in the pool or sea afterwards? BTT Academy, in cooperation with Zed Egypt, offers classes with international coaches from Thursday to Monday, as of 15th of July.

Tel: 0120 180 2622

11. Yoga

activities in Sa7elChannel your inner peace and focus on aligning your mind and body with yoga. Find that “happy place” and take in some of those calm and tranquil vibes.


Fouka Bay

Tel: 16094

STAMINA Sports and Fitness

Diplo, Sidi Abdel Rahman

Tel: 012 7080 6677

The Mala

Mazeej Hotel, Hacienda White

Tel: 011 0028 5521

Azza Fahmy X Kesmat Concept Store at Diplo