By Hana Abdel Aziz

Summer time and fun in the sun is right around the corner, but how can we make our makeup weatherproof to last all day without the risk of it melting off? We’ve got you covered with 10 tips and tricks with natural/harmless items that will help you get a 24 hour makeup without it budging.

Liquid eyeliner in summer is KEY. Avoid pencil liners for a winged look because it won’t last all day and you risk looking messy. The trick to achieving a long-lasting winged look is to use any black matte shadow with a pencil brush on top of your eyeliner.

Use the right texture for your foundation. When women shop for their foundation shade, they concentrate on finding their exact shade, however they choose the wrong texture for their skin type. If you have oily skin, find brands that have oil control like Neutrogena. If you have dry skin, use brands like Nars which have aluminous glow creamy-like texture.

Setting powder is important. Laura Mercier’s translucent powder is one of the best brands out there to set/bake foundation and under eye concealer. Use this all over your face and I can guarantee it’s weather proof, it will not budge.

24 hour makeup

Use any setting spray after the setting powder. There are some particularly good brands like Makeup Forever’s Mist and Fix or Urban Decay’s All Nighter. Spray on to your face (not too close!), then use a beauty blender and tap gently over your face. This helps your foundation last longer in the hot sun.

24 hour makeup

The “no makeup” makeup look. This tip is for the ladies who do not use foundation on a day-to-day basis. This can be achieved with natural/harmless items like concealer, powder, mascara and blush.

Water proof mascara is your friend. Our lash glands are naturally oily, and some women have more oil in between their lashes. This is why mascara tends to melt or dry up. Use Vaseline to help revive and remove the excess oil on your lashes before you apply your mascara. L’Oreal’s Voluminous Lash Primer is also one of the best products out there for this solution.

24 hour makeup

Summer calls for the “wet” look. This dewy look screams sexy and can be achieved by using tinted and glow primers before the foundation or mixed with foundation. Blush is our number one obsession, and Nars or Benefit have tinted blush in all color shades. By adding this, it will help keep your makeup intact and weather proof all night. If these products are not at your disposal, use any creamy or liquid lipstick.

Avoid applying wet products on top of dry products. This mix can cause your makeup to look muddy or caked. Try to stick to a routine while putting your makeup on just like skin care. All the wet products first, then the powders, then setting spray. Voila!

Carry blotting sheets. This will help remove excess oil and sweat. Fenty Beauty is the preferable brand; however, an affordable way is to keep your beauty blender and some tissue paper in your makeup bag. Tap lightly to remove the excess oils.

24 hour makeup

Sunscreen is important! Stay away from tinted sunscreens as it disrupts your foundation. A light creamy non-tinted sunscreen helps, also foundations that contain SPF are a must.

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