By: Aliaa ElSherbini

The earth needs some healing, and because December 2nd is pollution control day, we’ve made you a list of ten simple tips to help you reduce pollution and become more environmentally conscious.

Let’s take it one step at a time.

1. Carpool

Let’s start by carpooling more that way we’ll cut down fuel usage and gas emission, decrease traffic, and spend more time with people. It’s a win all around.

2. Invest in reusable utensils and cups

Forget about plastic cutlery and invest in reusable ones that you can wash and reuse multiple times.

3. Opt for paper or metal straws

It’s 2020, and you should have said goodbye to plastic straws by now to help save the ocean. Now in most places, you will find the option to swipe the plastic ones to paper, and companies in Egypt like Smart Straws started producing them to help preserve the environment.

4. Recycle

If you are not motivated to do so on your own, download Go Clean and let it help you as it takes your garbage, recycles it, and exchanges it for money or household products. All you have to do is separate plastics, paper, and metals and give them a call to come to pick up your trash and recycle it. Or contact Bekia, and they will do it for you.

5. Plant a Garden

If you did not know, many plants eat up the junk in the atmosphere and give the air the nutrients it needs to be clean. No wonder the air is much fresher around green spaces.

6. Limit your paper waste

Save the trees.

7. Switch plastic shopping bags to reusable tote or paper bags

Inspire your local grocer to stop giving out plastic bags and start providing paper bags to cut costs and help clean the environment. Until then, leave a big tote bag in your car or purse to use when shopping.

8. Opt for local products vs. mass-produced imported goods

Shop and eat organic. Fewer chemicals, less mass-transportation, and therefore less pollution.

9. Avoid using gas-powered appliances

Gas fueled appliances pollute both indoor and outdoor air. Look for alternatives like solar and clean electric power.

10. Cut down on chemical usage

That goes for cleaning, beauty, and gardening products.

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