Start the new year right by scheduling regular visits to feed your soul with some art, culture, and general self-improvement! All these venues offer an array of classes, workshops, and Q&As throughout the month with experts across a variety of fields. Follow them on social media to stay updated on what is happening month-to-month!

Smart Art

Tel: 0128 440 4356
Instagram: smartarteg

Life Up Factory

Tel: 0128 440 4356
Instagram: lifeupfactory


Tel: 0120 033 3282
Instagram: revival.drama

 Tamkeen new Era

Tel: 0111 166 6547
Instagram: tamkeennewera

 Bardo Club House

Instagram/Facebook: bardoclubhouse


Osana Family Wellness

Tel: 0101 773 3770
Instagram: osanawellness

 Nun Center

Tel: 0122 398 0898
Instagram: nuncenter


Tel: 01002138668
Instagram: bawabat_gateways

 Soul Wellness

Tel: 0111 188 8555
Facebook: Soul Wellness Center

 Darb 1718

Tel: 02 2741 3053
Instagram: darb1718