Cozy Up Your Home

You know how hotel rooms are so comfy that you want to stay in all day? We’ve unlocked a few easy tricks you can use to make your home as cozy as can be. Cozy up your home with these simple add-ons and throw-outs.

By Mariam Elhamy

Keep the Slippers by the Door

Are you familiar with the saying comfort is in the feet? Keep a couple of pairs of slippers right next to your door, this way you can take off your dirty painful shoes as soon as you walk in.

Not anyone can pull off nice through pillows. Depending on the style of your home, splurge on textured, boucle, rich velvet or one of those to make your space look and feel cozier. Don’t forget the blankeys!

The Rugs are Everything

Your choice of rugs can make or break each room. The texture and colors must bring comfort to the eyes and the feet. Lay down some extra rugs for the small spaces like next to the bed or in the corridor for more warmth in winter.

Soft Lighting is a Must

Harsh overhead lighting can really change the mood of a room, opt for more table lamps and wall warm-toned lights for a cozy candle-like glow. Better yet, use actual candles.Cozy Up Your Home

Photos of good times have a way of reminding you of the good things in life. Don’t be shy and put those on display.

Plants are Your Friends

We never met a dark corner, stark shelf or unhappy mantel that couldn’t be brightened in an instant with a bit of greenery. Add some succulents, fresh flowers, dried blooms, eucalyptus, hydrangea and lavender are all great options.

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Avoid Empty Walls

Bare walls make a home far away from feeling homey. Hang mirrors, textile wall hangings, beautiful quilts, art or photographs on any empty wall.

Clean, Declutter and Find a Place for Everything

Clutter and untidiness can cause feelings of stress and anxiety. If most of your surfaces are piled high with clutter you need to find tidier places for these things.

Music is Always the Answer!

Invest in a good sound system and play some calming tunes to get in that snuggly mood.

Bring On the Cake!

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked cake? Get into baking and keep your home feeling extra homey with the warm aromas of cinnamon and cocoa. If you can’t bake, scented candles will do the trick too.

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