Why Don’t We Change

Fashion startup Why Don’t We Change launched a year ago and is looking to do exactly as the name implies, to affect serious change. Specifically, to the fashion industry and its whole landscape.

Meet Malak Gemei 18, and Amina Hamed 17, two aspiring entrepreneurs that are aiming to introduce sustainable, innovative clothes made from what is known as deadstock fabric.

By Ahmed Talal

Making the Most of Waste Fabric

This eco-friendly solution is exactly what the fashion industry needs, seeing as it is the second most polluting industry in the world. Unused fabric is commonly burned or dumped in some wasteland.

But now, Why Don’t We Change is acquiring this extra fabric to create its’ self-proclaimed “limited vintage apparel”. It’s inspiring to see what a small budget startup that launched with an investment of just 4 figures has turned into.

Gemei and Hamed started to grow their business gradually, and now, it has really taken off. The startup is now valued at 5 figures and has been sustaining that level as the demand for its offerings has risen.

The Story Behind the Brand

It all began during those early Covid-19 days when the pair filled their time by casually making new pieces out of the old clothes hanging in their closets. This sparked the idea of collaborating to start an environmentally conscientious fashion movement, making the clothes they sell more than just a fashion statement.

How it Works

The duo purchase excess remaining fabric from local factories, and work with this unused fabric or repurpose old clothes into vintage-style pieces. These remaining pieces of unused or reused fabric are given new life as they are morphed into something fashionable and current.

Although different times of the year yield different amounts of fabric, and so the pair will be looking to officially partner up with several local factories in the near future, which will also be a gradual process but will ease things down the line.

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