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Wondering what’s new on the eastside of Cairo? Tati Hafez takes us on a quick tour of all the new spots, shops and services available to East Siders! what’s new

Boho Tents – Creating Childhood Memories

Boho Tents’ teepees will have the little ones longing to go camping outside in the garden, or pretend they’re on a camping adventure with their teepees pitched indoors. The tents are personalized and customized based on the available themes and patterns.

Clients can mix and match the colors and patterns in the themes of unicorns, space, leaves and the circus. Boho Tents aims to stimulate kids’ imaginations with an entertaining and comfortable activity. what’s new

Delivers all over Egypt

Tel: +2 0100 179 8277

Instagram: @boho_tents

Butcher House – New Branch

Top-quality, locally bred meat straight from the farm to our tables. Butcher House guarantees the freshness and quality of its meat served by a world-class staff with the highest levels of training in hygiene, preparation and storage.

Butcher House offers local beef, veal, lamb and poultry and a wide selection of cuts, prime steaks, roasts and custom prepared meat to the client’s specification. Planning your next barbecue, whether in Cairo, Sokhna or the North Coast, you can find Butcher House products at Dreams Sokhna, Stella Walk and the latest addition this summer, Swan Lake, North Coast. what’s new

Address: ⅖ Street 264, Maadi

Telephone: +2 0102 012 2012

Instagram: @butcherhouseeg

Dark Solution – Espresso lab

Blueish neon letters that read “Always Brewing ” light up the all-black, sleek interior of Dark Solution, Maadi’s latest addition to the coffee scene. This espresso lab is a true boutique for connoisseurs and lovers of coffee.

Offering a range of coffee specialties and an exclusive blend of 60/40%, made by mixing Brazilian and Colombian beans, resulting in pleasant orange and milk chocolate flavor notes. You can sit and enjoy your coffee along with one of the baked goodies, or if you are on-the-go, grab a bottled Cold Brew or Iced Spanish Latte.

Address: 18, Street 218, Maadi (across QNB Bank)

Open hours: 8 am to 9 pm

Telephone: +20 128 655 5968


Instagram: @darksolutioncoffee

GLOW launches Detox Packages in Collaboration with Granville St.

Our favorite juices and smoothies brand GLOW is launching an exclusive detox program in collaboration with Granville St. to get us lighter, healthier and more energetic. This is a special detox program with yummy cookies as rewards. The detox programs come in 2 different options, 3 or 5 days.

The menu combines Glow’s meal replacement blends for breakfast, handfuls of nuts and seeds for a mid-morning snack, followed by nutritious salads and juice, finishing off with Granville St. gluten-free cookies. The menu is well balanced, and based on clean eating, sustainability, nourishment, freshness and quality. You will also receive a special gift with your 5-day detox. Check Glow’s media platforms for more information and for inquiries. what’s new

Telephone: +2 0100 001 8644


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