If you’re planning on heading out for a hike and exploring nature, you might need a few essentials to help you along the way. Whether you want to go deep into the mountains or discover Saint Katherine from Wadi to the Mountain tops, you might need crucial hiking gear. hiking checklist

To determine what you need to bring on a hike, think about three vital keys, how far you plan on hiking or staying, how remote the location is, and what the weather forecast has in store.

If you are new to hiking and unsure about what to bring with you, here are 6 items to add to your checklist.

By: Hana AbdelAziz

– Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is a primary piece on your checklist if you plan on spending the night. One that holds 11 to 20 liters of gear is about right for a short-distance simple hike. However, something bigger is highly assured for storing your belongings, such as water, food, and a first aid kit.

– Clothing & Footwear

An experienced hiker will expect the unexpected that’s why it is crucial to check the forecast and make sure to dress for the conditions. To be prepared for the unplanned, pack an extra layer of clothing for the trip. And don’t forget to bring SPF as Egypt’s boiling weather will keep you burned for days. For footwear, determine what to wear based on the trail you’ll be taking. But we recommend sturdy boots or sneakers.

– Navigation

Cliché as it may seem, but yes, a compass and a map of the area you are in is considered a piece of essential equipment to bring with you. Usually, on hiking trips, Tour guides assist you along the mountains. However, personal hikes are vital for anyone who needs to find their way back. This is where maps and compasses are there to guide you. Keep in mind there won’t be any cell phone services in most areas.  hiking checklist

– Emergency & First Aid Kit

To prevent having a horrible hiking experience, a first aid kit is a must. Nothing too crazy, but a prepackaged first-aid kit or a DIY kit is important to take with you. The first aid kit must include at least a few basic criteria’s such as Anti wipes (alcohol-based OK and BZK- Based wipes), wraps, splints, wound coverings, additional medications/ treatments, tools, and supplies.

– Health & Hygiene

To be prepared is a must also for the littlest things. In your hiking bag, items such as hand sanitizers (preferably ones that include alcohol in them), prescription medications, tissues, and menstrual products should be included in your carry-on. hiking checklist

– Hiking Extras

It is always great to be extra prepared, especially if you are spending the night. A few of the things you will need are simple tools such as a headlamp or flashlight (with extra batteries), camera, binoculars, and not to forget, your trusty personal items, passport or ID, cash, a cell phone, and portable chargers.

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