Architectural and interior design is the crucible in which we practice all our daily activities. The more design is compatible with our needs and harmonizes with our natures in a thoughtful manner, the better it helps us carry out our day to the fullest.

In an age of constantly changing data, designers rely on modern technologies to aid in simulating reality, which helps test design innovations, ensures meeting client requirements and communicates ideas to clients.

Also, these technologies allow designers to accurately calculate the expected costs and duration of the project, which helps all stakeholders develop a clear time and economic plan and control the project’s cash flows.

CAD (computer-aided design) and BIM (building information modeling)

In the beginning, designers used CAD (computer-aided design) technology, which has now been replaced by BIM (building information modeling).

Through BIM, we are able to fully coordinate between all designers across various disciplines under one project: architectural, interior, electrical, air conditioning, lighting, landscape etc. This gives the client a comprehensive idea of all project details before starting the construction stage.

This coordination between all disciplines through BIM has made us simply able to reduce project costs to the least possible extent by studying different design alternatives and also by avoiding errors in implementation that can accumulate cost.

One of the most distinctive features of BIM technology is its applicability to all types and sizes of projects, whether residential, commercial or industrial.

For more than 13 years, CAD MASTERS has taken it upon itself to spread the latest technologies in the field of construction, design and interior in Egypt and the Arab world.

BIM by CAD MASTERSAs an authorized partner of major international companies producing and developing engineering programs and software such as Autodesk, Bentley, Tekla and Rhinoceros, CAD MASTERS trained more than forty thousand engineers in all disciplines. It has also trained major companies in Egypt, whether they are developers, consultants, designers or contractors.

This training contributed to the development of business in mega projects in Egypt, such as the Administrative Capital, compounds, roads network, power stations and other projects. It is an honor to see our mark now on all projects in Egypt.

Because of our belief in our role in society, CAD MASTERS undertook educational initiatives with many Egyptian universities in several governorates, teaching students the latest technologies and software in the field of design and construction.

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