Best-selling Arabic Books on iRead App in 2020

In 2020, thousands of books were published that enriched our world, many of them have succeeded in stealing the hearts and attentions of readers, becoming best sellers.

To honor this creativity, we have compiled a list of the best-selling Arabic books on iRead in 2020, here are the top 5 books on that list.

Ayn Al Mafar by Khawla Hamdi

One of the most celebrated novels of Dr. Khawla Hamdi, Ayn Al Mafar (Where is the Way Out) was released in 2018 and soon became very popular among youth and cultural circles.

The events unfold from the Tunisian revolution, where love, patriotism and revolution takes readers on a deeply emotional journey through political turmoil, social upheaval and powerful human stories.

Tabib Aryab by Mohamed El Mansy Kandil

This is the story of a young doctor in rural Egypt with a harsh past and a difficult upbringing. He begins a new journey in an isolated village in Upper Egypt and falls in love with a nurse, but a surprise awaits.

The title translates to A Rural Doctor, and the book was released in 2020. It is a novel about love, desire and despair, and a doctor who discovers that outdated laws still prevail in Upper Egypt, where an absolute authority derives its strength from them from a distance.

Ahlam Mamnou’a by Nour Abl El Meguid

In Ahlam Mamnou’a (Forbidden Dreams), Nour Abdel-Majid goes to the world of the marginalized and falls into the circle of their existence as she monitors their poverty and aspirations and unites with it.

Locandet Bir El Watawit – by Ahmed Mourad

Next to the Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque in Al-Sayeda Zeinab in 2019, during the restoration of a very old hotel, called Locandet Bir El Watawit, in room number seven on the third floor, a diary dating back to 1865 was found. These notes belong to Suleiman Jaber Al-Sioufi.

Through the diary, we journey to the mid-ninth century where we witness the beginning of a series of heinous crimes targeting the sons of the ruling class in Egypt. One person can find the clues leading to the discovery of the perpetrator, this person is the strange man who lives in room number seven, Suleiman Al-Sioufi.

Al Amir by Niccolò Machiavelli

The Prince is a study of political jurisprudence prepared by Machiavelli in 1553. The book was banned from publication until 50 years after the death of its author.

Machiavelli suggests that a ruler must take any action to achieve the goal of strengthening and preserving the state, even if it is contrary to laws and morals, relying on the principle of the end justifying the means.

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