When the owners commissioned this spacious Sa7el villa, one requirement was non-negotiable. A prodigious collection of contemporary paintings by leading Egyptian artists and an eclectic array of objets d’art would need to take pride of place.

For the Principal Architect of MAp Consultants, Medhat Abdallah, this didn’t present any challenge. With a wealth of experience in projects where art in all its forms played an integral role in conceptualization, he found this new summer residence very much within his comfort zone. MAp was proud to collaborate with several contractors, vendors and artists to complete this lovely home, together with Shewekar El Gharably with her distinctive outdoor furniture.


Living space, both within the walls and on the long relaxing terrace, has been styled to accommodate the needs of a large, multi-generational family, as well as providing a relaxed ambience for entertaining. A profusion of seating arrangements allows the residents to gather together or seek seclusion, according to their mood. Colors have been kept neutral, but fresh pops of vibrant pastels crop up in cushions and accessories to deliver an unmistakable summer vibe. The single-storey villa has been laid out in two separate buildings, allowing comfortable accommodation for the family members.

Extending almost the length of the delightful garden, a huge, rectangular pool shimmers with multi-toned blue tiling. A waterfall feature gives a refreshing, dynamic energy that resonates with the profusion of colorful flowers and shrubs lining the perimeter. The owners’ love of art extends throughout this space as well in the form of playful sculptures of children in unexpected nooks.

The presence of children reverberates in every corner of this thoughtfully designed residence, with an activity area in the garden, and bowls of snacks handily left around for young appetites. But somehow, it all works in seamlessly with the spectacular artwork, contemporary architecture and elegant entertaining spaces. The final product is, above all, a home.

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