Sustainable Architecture

By: Mariam Elhamy

Hassan Fathy was an architectural mastermind who created many projects in several countries for both the rich and the poor and became known for sustainable architecture, Islamic designs and of course, his signature domes.

His plans originally made use of as little building material as possible and he succeeded in using some of the cheapest, most efficient and sustainable material to make long-lasting buildings and even villages. In rural areas, he cracked the code for using the best technology in housing, and was later commissioned for huge projects including a modest rest house for former president Anwar Sadat near Lake Nasser in Nubia.

In honor of the artistic genius's birthday, here are a few photos of his most famous projects: sustainable architecture
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Sadat Resthouse in Lake Nasser, Nubia

Abd al-Rahman Nassif House in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia

Akil Sami House in Dahshur, Egypt

Dar Al Islam in New Mexico, USA

Hamed Said’s Studio in Cairo, Egypt

New Gourna Village

New Baris Village in Kharga, Egypt

Casaroni House 

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