Squad 101

The right sort of morale-boosting support can make a world of difference when it’s time to take the first steps to a miracle transformation. A short break in the hedonistic luxury and exclusivity of Squad 101, Cairo’s answer to anyone looking for a boot camp experience with all the benefits, is just what we all need.

When we say boot camp, yes, it takes discipline and commitment, but you are not alone on that journey. And the upmarket, eclectic conditions in the idyllic location make the stay seem more like a soul-cleansing retreat.

Looking for weight loss or just a higher fitness level?

No matter what your goal is, there is a plan for it. Tackling physical and mental limits, each participant will find themselves challenged to reach new levels.

Based on military exercise programs, the Squad 101 course manages to inject enough adventure and serious fun into what could be a harrowing test of endurance. And nobody can question the amazingly transformative results, achieved in no time at all.

Healthy eating is an important part of the holistic plan, with a watchful eye on calories to ensure that excess fat simply melts away. The cuisine draws on international delights, cooked with finesse and aiming to tantalize the taste buds.

The best part is, by learning how to create delicious dishes; you can establish healthy habits that will serve you over the long term.

Reaching your personal best

Nobody said it would be easy. Each minute, hour and day is constructed for self-improvement. Toning the body, practicing determination and focus, counting each achievement as a stepping stone to greater things.

But, you are not alone on the journey. Squad 101 has a handpicked team of fitness professionals to guide you, and prod you when necessary, to reach that pinnacle that seemed unattainable before you walked through the door.

They have been there themselves, they know the ropes, and are totally committed to their task. They truly understand that you want to be the best possible version of yourself and are there to be your mentors.

You are all in this together

Positivity and consideration to other members in the squad can turn this into an enjoyable, supportive and positive experience. By embracing the shared dynamic, the process becomes more fun for everyone.

Every step of the shared experience becomes a reward in itself as you start to feel a daily improvement. Step by step, your journey leads you to a totally transformed you.

The meal plan

Forget about having a tuck box to sate your sugar cravings. You won’t need it! Food portions and ingredients are healthy at Squad 101 and nutritionally balanced to meet the demands of a physically active program.

And it tastes so good you can hardly believe it is calorie-controlled. Participants can enjoy anything on the diverse and temptingly curated Michelin-quality menu, but consumption of any unapproved foods or beverages is strictly forbidden. Why would you want to sabotage all that hard work anyway?

Wellbeing comes uppermost

Your trainers are there to ensure that you stay hydrated and avoid risk of injuries. Any medical conditions will be taken into consideration and exercise plans modified accordingly.

They are experienced professionals who really do care about ensuring your safety and health while you strive to reach your goals. Trust them, they have kind hearts underneath those tough exteriors.

What to expect in a one week stay

From the minute you arrive, each minute is used to the max. From the gracious welcome from the courteous professional staff, followed by your measurements being taken, body analysis and a tour of the camp. Not a moment passes without you feeling pampered and catered to, with helpful staff at hand to meet any need.

Then, on to a welcome workout. Dinnertime follows, with a chance to meet your other squad team members, with a maximum of 30 in the camp at any time, split into teams according to fitness levels.

  • Early to bed, in order to rise bright and early for a sunrise workout and farm hike through the beautiful surroundings.
  • A spinning or body-weighted circuit will help you work up an appetite for a healthy breakfast.
  • The typical day would be a mix of activities like metabolism conditioning, boxercise, body combat, battlefield laser laser-tag, and truly grueling signature obstacle courses. All interspersed with enjoyable workshops on nutrition and other related topics, cookery classes and more chilled types of stretching and relaxation exercises.
  • Post-dinner hours are for personal time, after the luxurious option of indulging in a sauna, Jacuzzi or massage.
  • After that, the odds are that you will be happy to tumble into bed and fall asleep the second your head hits that pillow.
Program options

Self-improvement is an ongoing process, and boot camp stays cover periods ranging from day-use up to four weeks, with tailored and corporate plans available on request.

Graduation day and that magical transformation!

So, how much weight should you expect to lose during your stay? The biggest factor in determining the results is the amount of commitment and effort you are willing to invest. All the support you need is available, it really lies in your own hands.

Where to find SQUAD 101

East Dream Farms, Plot 18, Abu Ghaleb, off Cairo/Alex Desert Road, 28 km from Cairo/Alex toll station.

Contact info:

Tel: 0100 166 3472


Facebook: squad101bootcamp

Instagram: squad101bootcamp