Downtown Cairo

The heart of Cairo is so much more than bricks and mortar. It houses iconic architectural gems that have borne witness to historic moments over 150 years of Egyptian life. With new developments springing up around the metropolis, it had seemed possible that these treasures might fall by the wayside and be left to crumble into distant memory.

Until Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment stepped in. Formed by a group of architects and business entrepreneurs with a passion for Cairo’s legacy, and a mission of restoring neglected buildings to their former glory. Downtown Cairo

Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment aims to reinvent interior spaces to reflect the spirit of the buildings while providing distinctive, functional areas for commercial and entertainment use.

Offices, galleries, cafés and restaurants will restore the unique energy and soul that coursed through the veins of Cairo’s Downtown, creating a dynamic hub for the city’s residents and visitors alike. Downtown Cairo

La Viennoise is but one of the familiar and much-loved buildings in the city center. Standing on the intersection of 7 Champollion Street and 11 Mahmoud Bassiouni, the stunning 125-year-old building captures the essence of the Italian renaissance style of architecture. Downtown Cairo

La Viennoise builds on its rich history by transforming into a destination in itself, where facilities range from retail outlets, commercial spaces and food and beverage venues to a boutique hotel and cultural hubs, all in the heart of Downtown Cairo.

Al Ismaelia For Real Estate Investment Provides a New Experience of Downtown Cairo